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Resolved! Pivot chart script not working

Hi , I am trying to manipulate the pivot chart font size, color and other aesthetic elements using one the script I found on the community posts. However, the script is not working as I am also trying to replace the cell values with 'Tick marks' and ...

Text box color not filling in entire widget

I am trying to create a dashboard that is completely black. When I use a text box to display a title of my dashboard and have this text box in-between two other widgets I get a white border around my textbox and cannot figure out how to remove it. Ha...


How do I remove the white box to right of my blox widget

I am building a dashboard in Sisense, and have been tasked with the request to have the dashboard have dark mode version. On the right of all of my Blox widgets there is a white bar that I cannot remove. Does anyone know how to remove the bar in the ...


Pivot Table- Coloring alternate row

I have a pivot table with only rows and need to give background color to alternate rows. I've uploaded screenshots of existing and required pivot table. Thank you in advance!

How do I connect MySQL to Sisense?

This is my first time using Sisense, I was asked as part of the interview process to get myself familiar with Sisense platform so I signed up for a free trial to use Sisense. I'm wondering if I can connect MySQL to Sisense on MacOS? Because I saw tha...

Using Next() or PastYear() with multiple dates

I have a data set that contains a start date and and end date for each record, as well as a field for Cost. I want to create a line graph with one line for the cost total for each month in the prior calendar year, and a second line for the cost total...

AFrazier by 7 - Data Storage
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Formatting Percentages in Pie Charts

Hello. How do you format the number of decimal points in a pie chart (widget) on my Periscope Dashboard? Within my chart, the chart displays percentages down to the thousandth place; which overwhelms my Evaluator. Any advice would be appreciated.

Risa_Brown by 7 - Data Storage
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Adding Multiple Metrics to Tooltip for TreeMap

Currently, when I mouse over the TreeMap to get the tooltip, only one metric/value is displayed. Is it possible for me to show more than one metric in the TreeMap's tooltip? Thank you!

amelia by 10 - ETL
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Custom No Result message

Below script will allow you to change default 'No Result' message to any message you want. It is possible to apply different messages to each widget. Refer: widget.on('domready', function(se){...

harikm007 by 13 - Data Warehouse
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Resolved! Prevent users from clicking widgets

Is there a script that you can add to widget to prevent user's from clicking on them and it updating the data, e.g., clicking on a column on a bar graph which would update the dashboard? I'm wanting to ensure that the users can only navigate the dash...

Kins by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Widget Download - Pivot

I have a pivot table widget which looks similar to picture. When I try to download it as csv, it is getting downloaded in other format other than pivot widget as Is there a way to download the pivot widget as exactly the same way with columns bifurca...

widget.PNG widget-download.PNG
Akhila by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Pane removal but cannot PDF

I am using the below script for my drills, to remove the right and left side panels: prism.jumpToDashboard(widget, { displayDashboardsPane:false, displayToolbarRow :false, displayHeaderRow :false,displayFilterPane:false}); By using this, it's also re...

Kins by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 2 replies
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Wrap text on KPI widget

Is there a way to wrap text on a KPI widget? My text is slightly too long, and is chopping off the end of the sentence with '...' Thanks

Kins by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Hi I need help with this error I receive after I have created a custom column and I want to use the same columns to do calculation on. Example of the custom column: Select (Case When [NPS_rating_Answer_Value]>=9 thenCount([Result_ID]) Else Null END) ...

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