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Application of changes to widgets at global level

I recently posted a query on sisense forum to increase the offset size of a pie in a piechart. I got a response how it can be done at a widget level, but there is no feature in sisense to apply this change at global level for all pie charts in every ...

Scheduled Build Not Building Table Changes

I have a scheduled build for my Elasticube each morning. The build behavior setting is set to "Replace All" on every table. When I make a change to a table the changes are not being built, new data is being imported but my new columns or where clause...

Create vertical line in line chart with dates as x-axis

hello,I am trying to add vertial lines (indicating event in time) to a simple line chart with dates as x-axis.Unfurtunatly i succeeded only adding a single line according to index on x-axis and not value.Questions:1. How can i add the line for specif...

eshaul by 7 - Data Storage
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Parquet - Sisense

Hello Community,We are exploring the possibility of using .parquet files in our Elasticubes. I would like to ask if anyone are using them in their Sisense deployment, and what is your experience when using them in terms of :- Implementation- Resource...

MikeGre by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Field Description accessible from field

Within the Data Model, it is possible to provide a description, this is particularly helpful for end users, i.e. we have a field that is Client Size - Major/Medium/Small. I've added the description to the field (i.e. Major >= $5000, Medium >= $2000 e...

Gannon by 9 - Travel Pro
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AWS EMR Connector

Standard Live and Elasticube connector for AWS EMR:https://docs.aws.amazon.com/emr/latest/ReleaseGuide/emr-connectors.html

gupta3 by 7 - Data Storage
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Enhance Header options for widget PDF Export

Enhance the Header options when you download a widget as PDF (via ellipsis > Download > Download as PDF) to include the same options as when exporting a full dashboard as PDF.Dashboard PDF export offers "Date As Of", "Dataset Name" and "Dashboard Fil...

Uri_Bahar by Sisense Team Member
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Cubes & Live models Failing to Build/Publish

Hi Team,We are facing an issue all of our cubes are building to fail with below error, we are on Linux 2022.8 and Redhat 8.6, Rook-ceph storage.Build failed to start.Illegal state: Cannot set property schemaId because no setter, no wither and it's no...

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