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Multi-tenant overhead or limit for many tenants

We're considering a setup with many tenants. What overhead (RAM/CPU) is there for each additional tenant?Have others tried working with many tenants (20+)? Did you run into issues?(I want to know because, depending how we do it, we might have lots of...

Tim by 9 - Travel Pro
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date range filter with time

we have data with timestamp from our IOT Device up to ms. we created the data model with our data and when we create a dashboard we can put a date range filter.but this filter work for year month and day. because we receive many data, we would like t...

ABFocke by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Insert Custom Color - pivot field

I'm trying to insert a custom color. After entering the hexadecimal value, how do I get the functionality to accept my value? does nothing. I've tried with and without the # sign.

danblack by 9 - Travel Pro
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Auto Managing License in Sisense

Required feature to auto manage the license when on SSO. So that if a user drops out of organization or has not utilized the license in the last x days, Then the license is auto recovered from the directory and is free to be consumed. If it possible ...

Elastic Cube on Top of S3 data- Build Failures

Hi Everyone,I have my data in S3 buckets and this data refreshes once in a day. So, For me Live connection datamodel under Sisense doesn't make sense because unnecessarily for every dashboard load-- query will run (either in Athena or Redshift) which...

Suryakant by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Enable cube refresh on specific tables only

Currently, whenever a user starts a build in a cube, either everything is updated or only the changes that were made. It would be incredibly helpful to have the cube refresh only certain tables as indicated by the end user.

Edues by Sisense Team Member
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Resolved! Date filter to select between two fields

In my table, each record has a date range denoted by two fields. I would like the user to be able to use a date filter to select any day within the range and have that record be selected.Example:Pointing to this four-field table, the user could choos...

danblack by 9 - Travel Pro
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ComposeSDK minor version 1.8.0 released

Minor version 1.8.0 released [1.8.0] - 2024-04-15 Added Add pivot sorting interface for component PivotTable and hook useExecutePivotQuery Changed Fix boxplot outliers factory functions to prevent loading of redundant data points Make improvements to...

DRay by Community Team Member
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Resolved! Dashboard vs model single ownership?

HiI was reading through the sisense doc and found that 'dashboard' can only have a single owner (unless you enable co-owner feature). ownership can be transferred to another userbut in case of 'models', I don't see any option to 'transfer ownership' ...

Adding difference columns to pivot tables

I simply have a pivot table where the first column contains a varchar and the last column contains grand totals. All columns in between are monthly totals. I would like to add columns in between the monthly total columns showing the difference betwee...

danblack by 9 - Travel Pro
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Transforming Values on Sisense - 1/0 to Yes/No

Hi, I am writing this post to enquire if it is possible to transform data on Sisense at a dashboard level.I currently have boolean fields that display as 1 or 0 - is there any function/script that can be ran on a dashboard or widget to change these f...

dmurphy by 7 - Data Storage
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Look and feel - Widget Header Text in Bold

Hello,I have created a dashboard and widget.I would like to have the widget header text in Bold. I don't have any option in Admin --> App Configuration --> Look and Feel to make widget header text to Bold. I have only options to change widget header ...

kavitha by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Look & Feel - Modify hover color

Hello,I have created a simple pivot widget with 2 columns. I have used "Highlight" option in Dashboard Filters. I have enabled "Widgets affects dashboard filters". I have used my own theme and color palette. Whenever I hover over a row in Pivot widge...

kavitha by 8 - Cloud Apps
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