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Creating a Calendar Analytic with Time using BLOX

Hello,I am working on creating a schedule analytic in Sisense and will be mainly using Pivot Tables to do so. Aside from some additional row data added later, the screenshot below shows the information that will appear on the table. I would like to c...

ChesAsosa_0-1695820801079.png ChesAsosa_2-1695824784765.png
ChesAsosa by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Build monitor

Hi, We are having several issues when dealing with Elasticube Builds. We can now schedule the build (both UI and REST API), but we have no tool to monitor and control this key functionality. What's the history of the builds for a cube? When can we se...

Add "My Favorites" to the left menu

I can set dashboards as "Favorite" easily, with the click of a star, BUT there is no easy way for me to list and see my favourites later. Yes I can search them easily by pressing Ctrl+K and I will see which ones have an star or not, but it would be g...

pausan-gh by 9 - Travel Pro
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Allow updating filters in Edit Chart page

When I'm editing or creating a new chart in SQL (chart being part of a bigger dashboard), I often find myself having to go in and out to change filters, or to just hardcoding values than later I have to change because inside the Edit Charts page I ha...

pausan-gh by 9 - Travel Pro
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Detect I'm already logged in on "login" windows

I use Chrome browser. I keep multiple tabs of sisense opened. When the session expires, it expires on ALL the tabs (which makes total sense). The problem is that all those tabs get redirected to the login page and I need to login on each and every on...

pausan-gh by 9 - Travel Pro
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Bubble Chart Limiting

Hello, Is there a way to limit the number of bubbles displayed to only show a subset surrounding the selected data point?

JoshG by 7 - Data Storage
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JumpToDashboard ignore measured values

A while back the JTD didn't pick up measured values properly and we configured our dashboards so that the measured value filters were not relevant to the jump. We have some situations where there are conflicting filters with-in the measure (e.g. comp...

smorebs by 7 - Data Storage
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