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Resolved! export only the visible widgets to PDF using the Tabber plugin

I am building a dashboard using the Tabber plugin. However, during the export process to pdf, all widgets are included, even those hidden by Tabber. Is there a way to address this issue without relying on other plugins? I am specifically looking for ...

Tet by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Filter widgets (show/hide)

I would like to implement a filter on the dashboard that enables users to filter widgets. How can I achieve this using JavaScript without relying on plugins?For example: Filter Name: Widget Filter Filter Values: A, B, C Widgets: A', B', C'When the va...

Tet by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Sorting Bug in Pivot Table

I'm getting an odd bug in Fusion Pivot tables where columns will not sort (except first column which /can/ sort). The first column (a list of the names of various schools) will sort just fine ASC and DESC. For any other column sorting has no effect. ...

PASTWEEK() & PASTYEAR() formulas in widget

Hello, I am having an issue creating a report looking at the week as defined by my dashboard filter versus the previous week as well as the equivalent week in the year before.Basically, I get my 'original' week very easily. We use Last week in the da...


Sum of last 3 months data in Pivot

Hi, We need to fetch some accounts that have not made any purchases in the last 3 months. In SSMS I use below code, but this seems to be not working correctly when I use it in the cube (as table query). SUM(Amount) OVER (order by Date ROWS BETWEEN 3 ...

Resolved! Hyperlink KPI Widget

Hello Experts! Client requested to have the KPI widgets (Indicator) contain hyperlinks that would direct them to another dashboard or site link once clicked. Is that possible? Hoping someone can help me with this ask. Any tips will do!Thank you in ad...

ajque by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Scheduling system

I am looking for a program that can integrate both google sheets and Salesforce together. My main objective is to find an Artificial Intelligence tool that can make a schedule for a film studio based on the info we have provided from the Google sheet...

jakewhite by 7 - Data Storage
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Concurrent users loggin

Hi everyone! Is there in Sisense a possibility to limit viewer logging in from one account, like a "concurrent" logging? So, if the user logs in with his username, then this username logs out of Sisense on all other devices where the login was previo...

denromiro by 7 - Data Storage
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Export to PDF Customise

Hello, I would like to know if there are any best practice on creating a dashboard which will give me a clean pdf export currently, my basic charts are distorted and divided into 4 separate pages blox widgets are of uneven sizes Widget titles are exp...

Custom Blox Filter for measure

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to create a measure filter in my case customer spend filter, where the user can define a number and the views are filtered by it? so basically I want to filter my view for customers who spent more than XYZ num...

Customizing smart label plugin

Hello, I am using the smart label widget to show the selected current year of the data. It works fine when there are several years available. But when I use the background filter to allow only one year, then the widget is showing "All" instead of the...

Wantti_0-1657264555771.png Wantti_1-1657264584926.png
Wantti by 8 - Cloud Apps
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The Houdini Report

We are finally releasing our Analytics Suite to our customers and I would like to create a Dashboard/Report to specifically show items that have "Disappeared" from weekly sales. If an item was consistently sold for 3 weeks or more and then 3 weeks go...

NexGenDSD by 7 - Data Storage
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