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Custom Blox Filter for measure

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to create a measure filter in my case customer spend filter, where the user can define a number and the views are filtered by it? so basically I want to filter my view for customers who spent more than XYZ num...

Customizing smart label plugin

Hello, I am using the smart label widget to show the selected current year of the data. It works fine when there are several years available. But when I use the background filter to allow only one year, then the widget is showing "All" instead of the...

Wantti_0-1657264555771.png Wantti_1-1657264584926.png
Wantti by 7 - Data Storage
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The Houdini Report

We are finally releasing our Analytics Suite to our customers and I would like to create a Dashboard/Report to specifically show items that have "Disappeared" from weekly sales. If an item was consistently sold for 3 weeks or more and then 3 weeks go...

NexGenDSD by 7 - Data Storage
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