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change order of column aggregation in pivot

Im looking for way of changing order in which column are aggregated in pivot table.Below you will currently what I have. I have month numbers first and for each month I have Primary and Comparison Value.What client is looking for is to have Primary V...

column order.PNG
Wojtek by 9 - Travel Pro
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HTTP Error REST_API Jupyter Notebook

Hi, I am using REST_API from the custom code section and want to query my elasticube but i am getting a below error:{'error': {'status': 401, 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized'}}I am using the below query:logical_sql_res = sisense_conn.get_logical_sql(que...

mbjamil92 by 7 - Data Storage
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cube falling automation

Hi All,I need your help to understand if there is any way I can re-trigger the build automatically in case of failure. we are using a building cube every24hrs and we can't minimise the frequency below, in case of any failure we need to intervene manu...

av82944 by 7 - Data Storage
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Disable minimum zoom for scatter map

I am using scatter map widget to show multiple points on widget. I want to support minimum zoom on scatter map. Right now after zooming out widget shows three world maps. Is there any way I can change it show just one word map?

Re-Order Pivot table Items

Hi, I have a pivot table where there are various areas listed 1-15 but it will order it by the first number in the series ie. 1, 10, 11, 2 , 3Is there a way around this so it will read 1, 2 , 3... 10 , 11

Juandres by 7 - Data Storage
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center align all widgets in dashboard

dashboard.on('widgetready', function (se, ev) {// Widget IDsvar widgetIds = ['645216bac5715a00355a81b5', '645cc852c5715a00355b12ec', '64631a30c5715a00355b35c6',"646339bcc5715a00355b365f","64633ac6c5715a00355b3668","64633bd5c5715a00355b367b"]; // Add ...

customize widget backround and header

dashboard.on('widgetinitialized', (el, args) => {$('widget-header').css('background-color', '#E8E8E8').css('font-weight', 'bold');$('.widget-title__holder').css('font-size', '16px');});

Conditionally format a measure based on another measure

Sometimes we would like to color code a measure (A) not by its performance rather by another measure's (B) performance. The problem is that when applying the conditional formatting on measure A, the measure A is static in the equation. To work around...

Ido_QBeeQ by 9 - Travel Pro
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Sisense Cloud(Linux) limitations

Hi team! I'm looking for information about Sisense limitations, like the maximum number of ElastiCubes, tables per cube/instance, columns in a table, dashboards, etc. I've been trying to find such information in the documentation but with no luck. Is...

yfadyeyev by 7 - Data Storage
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Is it possible to change the scroll bar color?

I have several pivots and tables that require scrolling through. Given that I have a dark background, the scroll bar is hard for users to see. I’d like to change the color to improve the user experience. Ideally, this would be done at a high level, b...

Laflet by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Custom Blox Filter for measure

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to create a measure filter in my case customer spend filter, where the user can define a number and the views are filtered by it? so basically I want to filter my view for customers who spent more than XYZ num...