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Cubes & Live models Failing to Build/Publish

Hi Team,We are facing an issue all of our cubes are building to fail with below error, we are on Linux 2022.8 and Redhat 8.6, Rook-ceph storage.Build failed to start.Illegal state: Cannot set property schemaId because no setter, no wither and it's no...

Resolved! Black background when data yields no results.

Hi, I am trying to adjust my script so the black background continues to be black even when "No Results" are shown. Right now, I have a dashboard that has black background with white text, but the charts the don't yield any data at certain times reve...

ascott011 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Tabber Automatic Switching

Hello All, I am creating a dashboard that is displayed on a TV monitor and someone will not be able to manually click between the tabs. Has anyone had success creating a script that would switch between the two tabs automatically every 30 seconds?

ascott011 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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How to apply filters to customized drop-down list?

Hi,I've built a drop-down list with customized values; please see below: "type": "Input.ChoiceSet","id": "data.filters[0].filterJaql.members[0]","class": "","value": "","displayType": "compact","choices": [{"title": "Rule 1 - Unauthorized expense for...

ccisyli by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Dashboard borders

Hi All,I wan to to have dashboard(not widget) border for my dashboard, an outline for the dashboard.if you can also help in fixing the size(height & width) of the dashboardThanksExample : black border

amritbhgt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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change order of column aggregation in pivot

Im looking for way of changing order in which column are aggregated in pivot table.Below you will currently what I have. I have month numbers first and for each month I have Primary and Comparison Value.What client is looking for is to have Primary V...

column order.PNG
Wojtek by 9 - Travel Pro
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HTTP Error REST_API Jupyter Notebook

Hi, I am using REST_API from the custom code section and want to query my elasticube but i am getting a below error:{'error': {'status': 401, 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized'}}I am using the below query:logical_sql_res = sisense_conn.get_logical_sql(que...

mbjamil92 by 7 - Data Storage
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cube falling automation

Hi All,I need your help to understand if there is any way I can re-trigger the build automatically in case of failure. we are using a building cube every24hrs and we can't minimise the frequency below, in case of any failure we need to intervene manu...

av82944 by 7 - Data Storage
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Disable minimum zoom for scatter map

I am using scatter map widget to show multiple points on widget. I want to support minimum zoom on scatter map. Right now after zooming out widget shows three world maps. Is there any way I can change it show just one word map?

Re-Order Pivot table Items

Hi, I have a pivot table where there are various areas listed 1-15 but it will order it by the first number in the series ie. 1, 10, 11, 2 , 3Is there a way around this so it will read 1, 2 , 3... 10 , 11

Juandres by 8 - Cloud Apps
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