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Hi Sisense Community!! Please reference the attached workbook that I drafted in Excel. I am trying to draft a daily view by week, of each employee's time worked. This screenshot shows an example of actual hours worked by day by employee. I am trying ...

cartercjb by 9 - Travel Pro
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Connect to PI Historian

Can you give me some tips on how to connect an elasticube to a PI Historian server? Is there an add on for PI Historian that I need? We want to combine data from an Oracle database with PI Historian data to show both in a dashboard.


How to create a table with a range of dates?

Hi,I have a use case were I have this tableI want to plot in a chart in continues dates (i.e. from the minimum date of launch_time to the current date).e.g. 1/1/20 - 1/12/22 and count the number of instances that were alive in a certain date based on...

TomerA by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Not connecting to Azure cloud SQL via Federator

We are using enterprise version of Sisense using another UserName , when we connect directly from Sisense source connection MsSQLserver we are able to successfully login Azure cloud SQL(this is the vendor cloud- where the Sisense IP is whitelisted in...

Dskumar87 by 7 - Data Storage
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Tips on Managing Formulas / Getting Consistent Calculations

Question for y'all: How do you maintain consistent calculations of key metrics? Custom columns in the data model won't work b/c I need aggregations that can be easily filtered (e.g. can't add activation % to my base table b/c my stakeholders want to ...

hlorosc by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Analysing EC Builds

I was looking for a way to analyse EC Builds in an easy way to identify where potential bottlenecks within the buildprocess could be. I have created a python script which exports EC build logs (can only export latest build logs) to JSON and converts ...

HamzaJ by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Benchmarking in Sisense

What is the best approach in Sisense for sharing benchmarking information while maintaining customer confidentiality? When I was a Sisense customer a key differentiator for us was showing our customers how their performance metrics compared to others...

Silutions by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Live Data Model Performance

What is the best way to improve performance of live data models where granular data nodes are required and contain millions of records?