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convert date time field to UTC format

Hello,I need some help around converting the date field column.I have a Customer response table coming from Redshift. The date time field is originally stored in UTC format.But when pulling it into Sisense, it is displaying in local timezone.I wanted...

lak by 7 - Data Storage
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2 events tied together by date filter

I have 2 type of data tables: assignments and completions. I want to perform the following formula.(# assigned_completions + # unassigned_completions) / (# assignments + # unassigned_completions)My elasticube has assignments and completions as differ...

zach_myt by 9 - Travel Pro
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All days in date not working

I have a count of unique values and use (value,ALL(days_in_date)) function but is still being affected by my blox date filter. I need a way to calculate an all time formula for one column that is not affected by the date filter. Any ideas?This is wha...

zach_myt_0-1695157085200.png zach_myt_4-1695157276120.png zach_myt_3-1695157209455.png
zach_myt by 9 - Travel Pro
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Auditing build logs

Hi all, I'm new to Sisense but not new to BI. I'm trying to put together some auditing on cube builds, ie. which cube, when, success or fail, build time. We running version 20.22.9 in Windows. I've found the logs but can't anything specific to builds...

Corrupted data cube

I have a data cube that is corrupt and I’d like to delete it.When I open it I get the following:and when I try to delete it, I get the following: I can't import over it: Any Ideas on removing it?

Laflet_0-1691550889142.png Laflet_1-1691550980466.png Laflet_2-1691551050807.png
Laflet by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Error when using DDiff function

I am trying to add a column to my report using the DDiff formula but getting the following error (also attached): Error querying your data modelBE#208517 Internal Analytical Engine Error: org.antlr.v4.runtime.misc.ParseCancellationException My fromul...

HTTP Error REST_API Jupyter Notebook

Hi, I am using REST_API from the custom code section and want to query my elasticube but i am getting a below error:{'error': {'status': 401, 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized'}}I am using the below query:logical_sql_res = sisense_conn.get_logical_sql(que...

mbjamil92 by 7 - Data Storage
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Refresh Elastic Cube Programmatically

After elastic cube built, I need to refresh the cubes based on the flag exists in Database.I created and build the elastic cube and now I want to refresh this cubes , if column value in give database in Y. instead of defining the interval

To avoid duplicate exported data

Hi Team,Iam trying to find a solution, we have a dashabord with pivot widget and a blox button to export the widget to xml.We have a requirement, where we should hide/not to display already downloaded rows, each row will have a uiqueid.Please suggest...