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Formatting Stack 100 Bar Chart

Hi I am trying to format a stacked 100 bar chart. I am looking for help on 3 things Re-order the break by's. I want the smaller amount on the left (see first image) I want to round the corners of the bars. (see second image) If rounding the corners i...

gwolfe_0-1654212298066.png gwolfe_1-1654212408071.png
gwolfe by 9 - Travel Pro
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How to make a filter mandatory?

Hi everyone, I have a peculiar scenario where we want to make a filter 'mandatory'. It is a single select filter with a pre-defined value but we don't the users to select none. Is it possible?

Will by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Blox Date gran for different week start day

We have been using blox date gran template successfully for number of months. The issue is it is using server setting for week start date - for our server this i...

Wojtek by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! How to Calculate YTD by Month in a pivot table

I have a pivot table that works for my team. It looks like this: The variance column is a simple formula showing the difference between Budget and Revenue (Revenue - Budget). I have received a request to expand this pivot (or create a new one based o...

oliviar by 7 - Data Storage
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Widget Scripts UX

When creating a dashboard that utilises a lot of JS I am constantly finding myself 'editing' widgets just to gain access to the 'Edit Script' button. There is also no way of indicating if a script exists other than 'editing' the script to check. I th...


Resolved! Advanced Filter Function

Hi Sisense Community! I am currently building a sales dashboard and would like to compare actual sales numbers and sales target. However, the data that I have for actual sales is only until the current date, but the sales targets are until end of yea...

amelia by 10 - ETL
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"Where" Function

Can the "where" function be used in a lookup formula to limit the rows looked at to only result in values that are not null or only a specific value or partial value? I am attempting to use a lookup formula, where the value being used to look up appe...

Format data labels

By default, the format of all data labels in a widget is the same. So sometimes its bit difficult to identify which data label is belongs to which series/legend. We can use below script to set background color of data label same as series/legend and ...

harikm007 by 13 - Data Warehouse
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Lookup Limited to Rows without a Null Value

Is there a method or formula to use a lookup, but only obtain the first instance that has a real value, and not a null (n/a) value? In addition, is there an explanation manual available of formulas which a person with no IT skills can use to understa...

Lookup Formulas referencing one table

Lookup([RaaS_CurrentStaffingReport 1],[Last Hire Date],[Sisense Employee Number],[Employee Number]) Is it possible to use a lookup formula to find and show data within the same table? If not, what would the correct formula be? The above shows no data...

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