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Creating a Calendar Analytic with Time using BLOX

Hello,I am working on creating a schedule analytic in Sisense and will be mainly using Pivot Tables to do so. Aside from some additional row data added later, the screenshot below shows the information that will appear on the table. I would like to c...

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ChesAsosa by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Blox - Detailed List - pdf report only showing 1 page

Running version Version: have created a Blox widget based on the Detailed List template.It is the only widget on the dashboard.When viewed in the browser it displays many records. However when choosing the pdf report it only produces 1...

All days in date not working

I have a count of unique values and use (value,ALL(days_in_date)) function but is still being affected by my blox date filter. I need a way to calculate an all time formula for one column that is not affected by the date filter. Any ideas?This is wha...

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zach_myt by 9 - Travel Pro
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GROWTH functions for indicators

Hi,I'm computing for change in metrics from period to period. For example, what's the pct change in sales from 2022 to 2023. Question 1: If data is only available until March 23 2023, will Growth functions compare 2023 data with 2022 data only until ...

Blox Drop Down mutli selection

I have a Blox dropdown filter that is one selection at a time. I would like to make it multi select but the only link I can find is here: there a way to make the...

zach_myt by 9 - Travel Pro
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Dynamic Pivot Columns per Dimension

Hello All!Anyone here that can share a way to apply switchable column values in a pivot table using either dropdown/button feature of blox?The idea is if I choose Dimension 1 (Channel), the columns will change to all values for Channel (e.g. Chat, Ph...

ajque by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Create A Card View in Blox

Hi, we are working on building a view similar to this in blox. Does anyone know how to create a view similar to this? White card with a different color back ground?

gwolfe by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! How to control which Carousel value Blox displays?

I've been playing around with Blox indicators and sparklines for a while now, and I have a fantastic-looking dashboard. But...I want my widget to adjust its indicator value based on the dashboard 'time period' filter. This can be changed from days to...

Resolved! Sparkline Disappearing in Widget

Good morning,I am new to Sparklines in Blox and running into an issue where some of my sparklines will show data but will not scale so that you can see the trend line on the indicator. I have attached a screenshot of two cards created using a templat...

ChesAsosa by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Hyperlink KPI Widget

Hello Experts! Client requested to have the KPI widgets (Indicator) contain hyperlinks that would direct them to another dashboard or site link once clicked. Is that possible? Hoping someone can help me with this ask. Any tips will do!Thank you in ad...

ajque by 8 - Cloud Apps
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To avoid duplicate exported data

Hi Team,Iam trying to find a solution, we have a dashabord with pivot widget and a blox button to export the widget to xml.We have a requirement, where we should hide/not to display already downloaded rows, each row will have a uiqueid.Please suggest...

Exporting to PDF

Hi All,I was wondering if anyone could help. I want to create a report from a dashboard. I am adding in text in the form of box along with charts and tables and have a few questions on formatting.I want to have an A4 document but every time I try and...

Change Blox Dynamic Pivot Table Header

I have created a Blox Dynamic Pivot Table that I have transposed so that the columns are months and the rows are calculated values. I would now like to update the table so that the month displayed in each column is actually the next month (e.g., Apri...

ebambury by 8 - Cloud Apps
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