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custom queries in widgets

I have a very simple ask. When I go into widgets I am able to click on the three dots and hit Analyze SQL Query but I don't see a way to edit it. I would like to be able to edit the query, is there a way to do that? I need to create custom calculated...

mbussey by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Horizontal Contribution

Hi Sisense Devs,I'm using a Pivot Table Visual in which Im using employee_name as my rows, phone state as columns (With over 15 categories), phone state duration as values, I converted the values to % using the CONTRIBUTION formula on Sisense, but Im...

Dynamic (WTD, prior WTD) based on selected Date Filter

Good Morning Enthusiasts!We have a client requirement to present WTD, MTD, QTD, YTD numbers that would be dynamic depending on the selected/active Date Filter.Example, if current filter is year 2024, they should see the latest:WTD (as of Feb 19) tota...

ajque by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Tabber Automatic Switching

Hello All, I am creating a dashboard that is displayed on a TV monitor and someone will not be able to manually click between the tabs. Has anyone had success creating a script that would switch between the two tabs automatically every 30 seconds?

ascott011 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Need to change the filter colors when something is selected

Hi All,I have several filters in my dashboard, i want to change the colors when something is selected in the filters to distinguish between selected and unselected filters . currently i am using $('.uc-tag').css('background-color','#006ecf');$('.uc-t...

amritbhgt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Pivot Table: Hide Row based on count

I have a pivot table listing out test taken. Currently it list all test taken but I only want to show the row if all three test have been taken. So if test A and test C have been completed but not test B then that persons data would be removed. If AB...

Resolved! Dashboard borders

Hi All,I wan to to have dashboard(not widget) border for my dashboard, an outline for the dashboard.if you can also help in fixing the size(height & width) of the dashboardThanksExample : black border

amritbhgt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Sorting Bug in Pivot Table

I'm getting an odd bug in Fusion Pivot tables where columns will not sort (except first column which /can/ sort). The first column (a list of the names of various schools) will sort just fine ASC and DESC. For any other column sorting has no effect. ...

Blox Drop Down mutli selection

I have a Blox dropdown filter that is one selection at a time. I would like to make it multi select but the only link I can find is here: there a way to make the...


RPAVG & RPSUM - One not working without the other in Pivot

I Have the following measure that i'm trying to get to work.RPAVG( (((([# of unique EntityReference],[DangerousOccuranceType_id])) +( ([# of unique Level1]) - ([# of unique Level1]))) *200000) / ( ([Employee Hours]) + ([Agency Hours]) + ([Contractor ...

Screenshot_25.png Screenshot_26.png Screenshot_27.png Screenshot_28.png

Blox - Search multiple filters at once

I have the following code, but it is only searching on the second filter and not the first. { "style": "", "script": "", "title": "", "titleStyle": [ { "backgroundColor": "#093e52", "backgroundImage": "", "fontColor": "#093e52" } ], "showCarousel": t...


Resolved! Number per year where a different date is within a year of the first

I was creating a dashboard for someone, and one of the widgets was a column chart that plotted out the number of people per year of hire. So, x-axis is the year of hire from left-to-right, then each column is the number of people who were hired that ...

Jake_Raz by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Hide column until drilled into

I want to hide a column until the user drills into the chart. Example of what it currently looks like below: I would like to hide the "Videos in Module" until the user clicks the drill into. So it would look like this initially. Then when a user clic...

zach_myt_1-1675717179390.png zach_myt_2-1675717305528.png zach_myt_3-1675717362327.png
zach_myt by 10 - ETL
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