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Resolved! Can use use Switchable Dimensions for Line and Area Charts

I am trying to use switchable dimensions pluggin in Sisense for a line chart and area chart using a date dimensional table where my dates are in numerical values for conventionality. I am trying to use this pluggin to go from monthly, quarterly, and ...

Astroraf by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Include All filter to use values in list

When I use a filter in the dashboard and select all of the options Sisense doesn't include all of the options, it actually removes the "where clause" as the select all. So if I have three options in a filter and have all of them selected the filter b...

Customize Embedded Dashboard Layout

We have some dashboards embedded in our site. We would like to have the ability for the end user to customize their dashboard layout if they choose to do so by dragging and dropping widgets. Is it possible for end users/viewers to have the ability to...

Resolved! Widget Custom Grouping

I have a pie chart of IP address that is counting logins. I would like to group the IP address that are similar into one group. So if the IP starts with then that would be group 1 then would be group 2. I can do this u...

Resolved! Tabber Automatic Switching

Hello All, I am creating a dashboard that is displayed on a TV monitor and someone will not be able to manually click between the tabs. Has anyone had success creating a script that would switch between the two tabs automatically every 30 seconds?

ascott011 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Hyperlink KPI Widget

Hello Experts! Client requested to have the KPI widgets (Indicator) contain hyperlinks that would direct them to another dashboard or site link once clicked. Is that possible? Hoping someone can help me with this ask. Any tips will do!Thank you in ad...

ajque by 8 - Cloud Apps
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HTTP Error REST_API Jupyter Notebook

Hi, I am using REST_API from the custom code section and want to query my elasticube but i am getting a below error:{'error': {'status': 401, 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized'}}I am using the below query:logical_sql_res = sisense_conn.get_logical_sql(que...

mbjamil92 by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! nulls to 0 in pivot

I am trying to get nulls in a pivot to show as 0's, which seems like it should be very basic built in functionality. I have tried If's, case's, and jquery scripts and nothing seems to work. I can do this at the SQL level buy I am trying to count in t...

zach_myt by 10 - ETL
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Export to PDF Customise

Hello, I would like to know if there are any best practice on creating a dashboard which will give me a clean pdf export currently, my basic charts are distorted and divided into 4 separate pages blox widgets are of uneven sizes Widget titles are exp...

Keep changes made via script to a widget when downloading

I have made several changes via widget scripts, such as changing the background color of specific cells. When I Download this to Excel or PDF, these changes don’t come through. Is there anyway to make these changes come through on Download?

Laflet by 9 - Travel Pro
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Is it possible to change the scroll bar color?

I have several pivots and tables that require scrolling through. Given that I have a dark background, the scroll bar is hard for users to see. I’d like to change the color to improve the user experience. Ideally, this would be done at a high level, b...

Laflet by 9 - Travel Pro
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Custom Blox Filter for measure

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to create a measure filter in my case customer spend filter, where the user can define a number and the views are filtered by it? so basically I want to filter my view for customers who spent more than XYZ num...

Wrong range in dynamic buckets

hello I am using dynamic buckets to show number of customers in each spend range for the selected time period, I am using the dynamic bucket plugin. My issue is the highest bucket range i.e. 800 is wrong as the maximum spend I have in my view is 741 ...