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Tabber selected filters

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage


I have two tabbers for two different teams for eg: Sales and Marketing to view their respective metrics on their respective tabbers. I also have a filter name called 'Manager' to filter those who head each of these team. I want to default one manager (ex: Jack) to Sales tabber and another manager (ex: Jill) to Marketing tabber. 

Also, how can I default various filters on these tabs?


7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

@harikm007 please suggest. 

13 - Data Warehouse
13 - Data Warehouse

Hi @Priyanka , 

If you are using WidgetsTabber plugin, try this script (add this script to tabber widget and replace text as per the comment in script):


widget.on('ready',function(w, e) { 	
	$('.listDefaultCSS .listItemDefaultCSS', element).on('click', function(s){ 
		filter = prism.activeDashboard.filters.$$items.find(el=>el.jaql.title == 'Region') //Replace 'Region' with title of filter
		//mapping of Tab name and filter item. Here when Tab1 is selected, 'South' will get selected in Region filter
		var tabFilterMapping = {
		var filterValue = tabFilterMapping[$(s)[0].currentTarget.innerHTML]

		filter.jaql.filter = {
			"explicit": true,
			"multiSelection": false,
			"members": [

		var filterOptions = {
								save: true,
								refresh: true,

		prism.activeDashboard.filters.update(filter, filterOptions)



Hi @harikm007 

What if I wanted to do multiple items for the filter.... so for tab1 I want the filter (seller country) to equal US, for Tab2 I want the filter (seller country) to equal everything but US.   

Can anyone help with the code for what I am trying to do.   Im essentially just adding options for the filters but I cant seem to manipulate the code from above to get it to do what I want.