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Data model

I'm unable to see my data models suddenly; they have disappeared. However, the dashboard built with those data models is still visible.

Krish2456 by 7 - Data Storage
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Enhancing Analytical Capabilities

Hello Sisense community, I am interested in learning more about advanced analytics techniques with in Sisense. So How can we leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to enhance our insights and decision-making processes ?

AnilAhir by 7 - Data Storage
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Add a drop-down for sorting

Hi,I want to add a drop down to sort the blox based on what we have selected in that.Eg. i have chosen # Submission that blox should be sorted based on that and user can select any field from the drop down.

amritbhgt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Extract Proper Names from Free Text

Can Sisense with it's advanced AI features extract proper names from free text?Was not able to find specifics to this feature on Community forum or Sisense sites. Thanks, - D

Dennis_M by 9 - Travel Pro
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HTTP Error REST_API Jupyter Notebook

Hi, I am using REST_API from the custom code section and want to query my elasticube but i am getting a below error:{'error': {'status': 401, 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized'}}I am using the below query:logical_sql_res = sisense_conn.get_logical_sql(que...

mbjamil92 by 7 - Data Storage
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Scheduling system

I am looking for a program that can integrate both google sheets and Salesforce together. My main objective is to find an Artificial Intelligence tool that can make a schedule for a film studio based on the info we have provided from the Google sheet...

jakewhite by 7 - Data Storage
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Pulse and exploration paths for Blox Widgets

Hi all, I wondered if it is possible to enable pulse or exploration paths for a blox widget, there doesn't seem to be any information/documentation regarding this following a quick search. Ideally, I'm hoping there is a custom action that can trigger...

DamianC by 8 - Cloud Apps
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issue creating a dropdown filter

Hi i have been trying to create a dropdown filter for over 600 campaigns but seem to have an issue once i have imported the template as it defaults back to the Blox template "Welcome to Blox" the code is not saved on the imported template and also do...

Sly by 7 - Data Storage
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Custom code fails to build

Hi all, We created custom code in one of our elasticubes. However, after a week it fails, usually with the following error: "timestamp": "2022-05-24T06:00:31.697Z","verbosity": "Error","type": "buildEnded","message": "Failed to build custom code tabl...

ScheurK by 9 - Travel Pro
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Cost of enabling every AI feature in dashbaord

Hi community, Can anyone explain what is the performance cost of turning on every AI feature in Sisense dashboards? For instance enabling all forecasting models. Does it use more computational power directly on the Sisense server? Or does it use up m...

rbannon by 7 - Data Storage
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