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How to apply filters to customized drop-down list?

Hi,I've built a drop-down list with customized values; please see below: "type": "Input.ChoiceSet","id": "data.filters[0].filterJaql.members[0]","class": "","value": "","displayType": "compact","choices": [{"title": "Rule 1 - Unauthorized expense for...

ccisyli by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Dashboard borders

Hi All,I wan to to have dashboard(not widget) border for my dashboard, an outline for the dashboard.if you can also help in fixing the size(height & width) of the dashboardThanksExample : black border

amritbhgt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Text Aggregate functions

Does Sisense have text aggregate functions available to use for comparing text values? Some data fields require use of an aggregate function, but unable to identify a specific function to use in aggregating text values. Is there a function to allow f...

Lowest Sisense role needed to 'CREATE' new notebooks.

Hello,I need clarity on the lowest Sisense role needed to 'CREATE' new notebooks. Not just view, edit and own.The user guide ( says 'Data Designers' can, but someone has a hunch that i...

leo82_0-1701790314299.png leo82_1-1701790709888.png
leo82 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Filters relationship

Hello,I'm relativly new in Sisense.Can someone please explain me how do I modify dashboard filters relationship?Thank you

George by 7 - Data Storage
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Indicator Widget Custom Formula: Count unique where 5 or more exist

Hello, fellow Sisense UsersI'm trying to create an indicator widget that shows the number of unique email addresses in a dataset ONLY when there are 5 or more records with that email address AFTER the dashboard's date range filter is applied.Example:...

kwmacd by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Hide dashboard filter based on filter title

I'm looking for ways to hide certain dashboard filters based on their title name. Is there a way to do the same? Also, the filters will be added as dependent. For e.g. we can have these 4 dependent filters Filter1 >> Filter2 >> Filter_3 >> Filter4 an...

panjoshi by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! select All check box to select other checkboxes

Hi ,I am trying to create a check box which will select all the other checkboxes, but somehow its not working.if there is any other solution by using a button that would also work for me. Thanks{"type": "Input.Toggle","title": "Select All","id": "chk...

amritbhgt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Line chart - Custom sort break by values

Hi Team,Can anyone help me share the script to custom sort the break by values in the line chart.I tried the same approach for the line chart as for pivot rows:

Visual datamodel for end-users and data dictionary

Hi,As an OEM we give our customers the possibility to use designer-accounts to create their own reports. The difficulty we have been struggling with is how to simply explain our complex datamodel. We have been working on a solution that we want to sh...

HamzaJ_0-1700653965618.png HamzaJ_1-1700654161251.png
HamzaJ by 12 - Data Integration
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