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Resolved! BloX Title Style Missing from PDF Report

When I create a PDF Report of my dashboard, I have noticed that the title styling for all of my BloX widgets disappears. Here's the relevant snippet from my BloX Editor: "titleStyle": [ { "display": "true", "backgroundColor": "#F3C2A1" } ]The backgro...

vrice by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Shared Formulas

Good morning, I'm starting to use Shared Formulas on Sisense and I would like to know how we do the release of them for another environment. This is my situation: 1. I have a dashboard in DEV, where I created the shared formulas and used them in some...

Sorting Bug in Pivot Table

I'm getting an odd bug in Fusion Pivot tables where columns will not sort (except first column which /can/ sort). The first column (a list of the names of various schools) will sort just fine ASC and DESC. For any other column sorting has no effect. ...

Resolved! Need a way to add a partition as a field in a query

Hello,We are using Toad for Oracle to develop our sql views, which we bind to Sisense using ElastiCube. For this case, we have an external source of data, I created a table using an excel sheet and we have a custom table using a query created directl...

Resolved! Dynamic Value-Names in Pivot Table

Hi folks, I am trying to name the "value" columns in a pivot table in a dynamic way.I have a table that compares the last month data, with the data the month before. Right now, on the 6th of November, i would compare "October MRR" with the "September...

mamuewue by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Polar Chart: order categories

For a Polar Chart Type I need to specify the order for the category values - there is no facility in the design panel to do this. I am not able to change the data to add numbers at the start of the categories.Is there a way to order the category valu...

Line Polar Chart (Line) : Set 0 as Min value

For a Polar Chart of type "Line" the UI will not allow the value of 0 as the minimum (it resets it to the minimum value from the data provided).The other polar types - column and area allow this.Is there a way to change this via script?


Resolved! Create dashboard from max two dates

Hi,We have an requirement to create dashboard to select max date from combination of two dates, tried with below suggestion but its not worked.

Need advice on a project

Hello,I'm a french student in computer science in my 4th year and i'm in an internship with a company since 2 weeks.My job here is to be a data analyste and i'm struggling on my first project.This project allow to implement an interface for the user ...

glavergne by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! What's the best way to monitor dashboards automatically?

I have a bunch of dashboards with widgets and filters, and need to compare the values on the dashboards (after applying the filters, etc) with the results of hive queries run against the data warehouse. Currently it's done manually and human labor in...

oceanBlue by 7 - Data Storage
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RSUM with multiple dimensions

Hi everyone, I am trying to create a running sum formula in a Pivot table. The formula is RSUM([Total net revenue )]).When I have 1 dimension in the Pivot table (item number), the formula works as expected.However, when I add more fields (item name, ...

laurya by 7 - Data Storage
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YTD calculation by any date selected on a date filter

Hello,I have a basic requirement but I am not sure how to implement it.My dashboard shows sales by a filtered time frame (can be Month, Quarter OR year).To the Total Sales widget (attached below) I would like to add, on the secondary measure, the Yea...

snusseri by 7 - Data Storage
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