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Resolved! Dimension filter on id not working correctly

I have a dashboard with a dimension filter. The dimension filter table is a list of organizations and the products associated with those organizations. I have a widget displaying organization and product buy counts. When I filter on a product ID that...

Pivot Table: Hide Row based on count

I have a pivot table listing out test taken. Currently it list all test taken but I only want to show the row if all three test have been taken. So if test A and test C have been completed but not test B then that persons data would be removed. If AB...

Resolved! If statement use logic instead of aggregation

I want to use a simple if statement without using aggregation, just logical. How can I get this to work in an indicator widget:IF([is_pec_broadcast_session] = 'Yes', [# of unique session_id],[# of unique user_id])Simply, If is_pec_broadcast_session e...

Multipass Aggregation Failing

Hi community,I have a multipass function which isn't doing what I expect from it. In an widget I want to report how many SMS have been send, and if the number is above 5 per "sim_id", the to-be-credited SMS shall be 5. If the number of SMS sent is be...

mamuewue_1-1703274574387.png mamuewue_0-1703274391244.png
mamuewue by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Switch Widget on Click

Hello,I am attempting to create a widget button in Blox that will switch widgets upon being clicked. Initially, I tried using Tabber for this purpose. However, when exporting to PDF, all widgets become visible with Tabber.Is it possible to accomplish...

Tet by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 4 replies
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conditional formatting in Pivot Table.

Hii, I have pivot table merchant names and sales , now i want to color the top 3 and bottom 3 of sales column , top 3 should be green and bottom 3 should be red . How can i achieve that

harish by 8 - Cloud Apps
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What influences cube size in Sisense?

Assuming that you have a properly-designed dimensional cube structure, with no many-to-many problems... in your experience, what are the biggest factors that influence total cube size? (And therefore Sisense system performance impact, memory utilizat...

Tracking Metrics Before and After Change Point

My team and I are currently working on a pivot table where we track how slot machines are performing based on their Stand ID (denoting a location on a floor), based on changes made to machines at that location.The "ChangesPivot_v1" attachment shows o...

nnguyen95 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Modeling patterns

There are a couple of dimensional modeling patterns that you see out there, that I'm wondering if Sisense supports correctly.1. Snowflaking - (I don't mean Snowflake the database) - having rollup, lower-grain dimensions hung off of other more detaile...

Resolved! "Reusable cube" for dimensions

in a typical corporate data warehouse scenario, we'd have a wide range of facts covering different areas of the business. They in turn would likely be set up as different Elasticubes/models that have a small number of facts in each.However, it would ...

Navigate from Pivot and filtering.

Hi All,I need help!!!I want to navigate from the values in pivot table to another dashboard and filtering the selected value in that dashboard.Eg.NameIDSalaryA1231000B4562000C4322300I want to select ID and navigate to dashboard 2 with selected ID fil...

amritbhgt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Displaying Monthly Changes

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to save monthly instances of certain widgets, with their values. I have three widgets that are queried every night, and their values change accordingly. The dashboard that these widgets live on, h...

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