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The script Waterfall  doesn't work anymore

Hi all, Do you notice that the script Waterfall doesn't work anymore after the release L2022.09 or L2022.10 ? The summary columns are not calculated and the "layout" don't work. The console give this error message : "Cannot set properties of undefine...

Claire by 7 - Data Storage
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Bubble Chart with Pivot

Hi all, I want to make bubble chart inside the Pivot table, we have column as a Product Category and rows as an ID, I want to show bubble as a value between them. For Example: I want bubble instead of Total Profit% value inside the pivot table. Pleas...

Bubble Chart Inside Pivot Table

Hi all, I want to make bubble chart inside the Pivot table, we have column as a Category and rows as an ID, I want to show bubble as a value between them. Please help. Thanks

Widget to display time

Hi, We have a requirement where we have to display the local timezone of the country that is being selected from the dashboard filter. The dashboard filter on country has values like Italy, France, Netherlands, UK, US etc. When the user selects "Ital...

R1 by 7 - Data Storage
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I'm started planning for the gamification of our software. I'm starting with Bartle's Player Types (I'm an EAKS, no surprise there) and am assuming that the best way to go about this as a dashboard widget is going to be BloX for the original graphics...

How to avoid duplicate rows in BLOX pivot

Hello, We have a BLOX pivot from which there are multiple JTDs, from different columns. But the issue is that we are getting duplicate rows due to the different columns we are using. We are unable to hide certain columns since those are being passed ...

Pulse and exploration paths for Blox Widgets

Hi all, I wondered if it is possible to enable pulse or exploration paths for a blox widget, there doesn't seem to be any information/documentation regarding this following a quick search. Ideally, I'm hoping there is a custom action that can trigger...

DamianC by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! JTD - BLOX: script to include and exclude filters

Hi, We are using JTD from blox pivot, in which we want the JTD to use different filters. Currently it is defaulted to the dashboard filters. I am using include and exclude dim filters, but it is not working right. Can someone please help with what I ...

Blox - Action button - Hover options

Hi All, A small thing, I hope you can help with. When changing the colour of an action button in Blox the hover settings disappear, i've scoured online to see how to write this back into the config but not had any luck. trying to go from blue to ligh...

DamianC by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Migrating Elasticubes from Windows to Linux

Hi, I want to export elasticube from windows Sisense and import it to the Linux Sisense. I am able to export elasticube of type .ecube and .ecdata from Windows Sisense(7.0.2) But my Linux(L2022.8) is only allowing import of .smodel files. Could anyon...

Akhila by 8 - Cloud Apps
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