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Tabber plug-in execute OnClick event on dashboard load

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

I have found this post that shows how to select a default tabber option programatically:

However, this manually displays and hides whatever widget you want and highlights the corresponding option on a tabber.

I have quite a complex dashboard where I'm hiding and showing lots of widgets and using two tabbers to organize, so I think it might be easier if there is a way to call the onclick event for one of the tabber options to have the tabber display or hide widgets when loading. Is there a way to achieve that?


10 - ETL
10 - ETL

Hi @rafaelderas ,

You can set any tab to be active when the dashboard loads with the following script. This script highlight the tabber option as well as active it:

let tabName = 'Tab3'; = widget.tabs.findIndex(el=>el.title == tabName);

The complete script will looks like this:

widget.on('render',function(w, e) {
	e.prefixText = '';
	e.suffixText = '';
	e.selectedColor = '#86b817'; /*The color of the chosen title*/
	e.fontColor = '#cccccc'; /*The color of the unchosen titles*/
	e.elementWidth = '103%';
	e.descColor = '#a5a5a5';
	e.parentMarginLeft = '-15px';
	e.height = 32; /* affects the tabber widget default high*/

widget.tabs = [
		title: "Tab1", 
		displayWidgetIds : ["6568134f2968560034f519b1"],
		hideWidgetIds : ["64df5b4ab729680033167174", "656961412968560034f51a7e", "65673d042968560034f5195a"]
		title: "Tab2", 
		displayWidgetIds : ["64df5b4ab729680033167174", "656961412968560034f51a7e"],
		hideWidgetIds : ["6568134f2968560034f519b1", "65673d042968560034f5195a"]
		title: "Tab3", 
		displayWidgetIds : ["65673d042968560034f5195a"],
		hideWidgetIds : ["6568134f2968560034f519b1", "64df5b4ab729680033167174", "656961412968560034f51a7e"]

let tabName = 'Tab3' = widget.tabs.findIndex(el=>el.title == tabName)

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions, we're always happy to help 🙂
[email protected] 
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