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Health and Maintenance of Sisense Environment

Overview: Keeping your Sisense environment healthy and up to date is essential to a successful Sisense instance. This article contains general information about Sisense deployment and maintenance. Please reference the linked articles for additional i...


Sisense Go-Live Checklist

Here is the Google Sheets version of the Checklist. Complete our go-live checklist to ensure you are going into production following all of the Sisense best practices! Ensure A Healthy Production Environment Complete Dev to Prod MigrationSisense asse...

How to Update Sisense Instance After License Changes

The purpose of this article is to provide the step-by-step actions necessary to allow changes to your license to be reflected in your Sisense instance. For the changes to your license to be applied on your Sisense instance, please follow the instruct...

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QA Testing

The Quality Assurance phase will usually be done after the dashboard development is done and the data is validated, and before the User Acceptance Test (UAT). For more information about these phases please see the following: Data Validation UAT In th...

Get License Key for Offline activation by an API call

There is an option to get an activation key using an API GET call to the Sisense licensing server rather than needing to log into the Sisense site to obtain this information. Use case: This method helps generating license keys in a batch when you nee...

How to Run a Repair

A repair is a process that will re-install the currently used version of Sisense. This can be useful in situations where your installation has become corrupted. No ElastiCube data or Sisense Web configurations will be changed. However, if you made an...

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Accessing cubes from another server

Question: How can I access all the cubes from another server, if I installed another Sisense system on another machine? Answer: In order to get the cubes from another server you can follow these steps. If the computer you're working on is a computer ...

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Disabling TLS 1.0 And 1.1 In IIS

Question: Due to security considerations I want to be able to disable TLS1.0 with a view to disabling TLS1.1 Answer: Starting in Sisense 7.4, it became pretty straightforward to disable traffic on TLS 1.0 and 1.1. Setting this up involves two steps: ...


Installation Problem. License server is unavailable

Question: I am trying to download and install Sisense but when I do, it says the license server is unavailable. Answer: If your license is up do date, please take the following steps: Within the Windows menu, search for Sisense Activation, then right...