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Sync Blox Input Element with Current Filter State

Sync Blox Input Element with Current Filter State When creating a Blox widget and altering a filter within a dashboard or widget, it is sometimes advantageous to modify the default behavior, so that upon activating a Blox action, the Blox widget inpu...

Blox widget preserve.gif Blox widget sync.gif Blox widget sync.gif

Embedding a Google Doc or Sheet in Your Dashboard

The iFrame Widget Plugin is a powerful tool that enables you to embed any web page that you wish into your dashboard, using its URL. A great use of the iFrame widget can also be used to Embed Google Docs or Sheets. The quick access to the document or...

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Dynamic Resize For Embedded IFrames

If you've ever attempted to dynamically resize your embedded iFrames in your parent application, you may have experienced a CORS conflict. Basically, since your parent application and sisense application serve from different domains, your browser res...

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