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Elevate Your Data Product’s Quality with Streamlined Version Control Leveraging the Sisense Git Integration!

In today's CI/CD ecosystems, efficient asset migration from development to production environments is crucial for delivering high-quality data products. Sisense being a leading embedded analytics technology offers a powerful Git integration that simplifies and enhances the migration process. In this blog, we will explore leveraging the Sisense Git Version Control to streamline asset migration, ensuring smooth transitions and maintaining data product integrity.

To understand the value of Sisense Git Version Control it is important to understand what Git is. Git offers users (often developers and/or engineers) a structured and efficient approach to managing files, collaborating with others, and maintaining a clear history of changes. Git enhances team productivity, reduces errors, and provides a sense of control over projects.

Teams who leverage Git ultimately benefit from better organization, teamwork, and effective management of files and projects.

When building your data products in a technology like Sisense, there is massive value in integrating with your developer’s CI/CD workflow for continuity, quality, and time to delivery. Users who leverage the Sisense Git Version Control can collaborate on building data products, manage changes to products over time, and migrate assets across Sisense environments through remote Git repositories.

The Sisense Git Integration is a feature that is offered out of the box with Sisense Linux Version(s) 2022.10 and up.

  1. To begin leveraging the Sisense Git Integration feature you can click on the Git Logo in the top right of your Sisense environment.

  2. The Git GUI will open in a separate browser tab and you will be asked to create a new project. After creating a new project your team will be prompted to name the project, name the default branch, and if you desire to connect to a remote Git repository (further instructions are included in Sisense Git Documentation depending on which Git repository your team leverages).

  3. After these steps are complete you can choose to invite others to collaborate with you on the project. If you choose collaborators or decide to lone-wolf a project you will be asked next if you’d like to “add assets” to the project. Do not worry lonely wolves, if you would like to invite collaborators down the road you can share the project after the fact. Assets available to modify/track in Sisense Git Version Control are Data Models and Dashboards, or you can simply continue without if you intend to “Pull” Sisense assets from a remote repository.

Once a team has created and defined a project, they can start working. Users familiar with Git will find continuity in terminology and functionality with the Sisense Git GUI and popular Git repositories. Dashboards and Models are compressed into JSON files, allowing users to review, commit, or discard changes. Teams can create branches, checkout branches, and revert changes if needed. When a project is ready to progress to the next stage, users can "Push" the assets/branches to the remote repository. The assets can be reviewed in their JSON format in the remote repository. If a CI/CD pipeline includes QA, Staging, or Production Sisense environments, users can leverage the Git GUI in those environments to "Pull" assets for review or publication.

So let’s land this plane! The Sisense Git Integration is a tool that provides tremendous value to your developer/engineering team's workflow, while significantly improving your business with better data product quality and delivery. If your team already leverages Git, this tool will be easy to incorporate and drive value. For users unfamiliar with Git, we strongly recommend adopting this approach, as it only involves a minimal learning curve but offers improved version control, streamlined asset migration, and overall enhanced quality. We hope this information

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