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Workaround for "File exceeds Limitation of 500 MB"

Workaround for "File exceeds Limitation of 500 MB" If you try to import a CSV file to Elasticube and receive a message "File exceeds the limitation of 500 MB" As a workaround, you may upload large .csv files to the File Manager and then point to them...

limitation.png input file.png Screenshot_51.png limitation.png
OleksandrB by Sisense Team Member
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Export of large cubes

IntroductionThis tutorial describes exporting large cubes with data (*.sdata) - more than 2 GB using the Sisnese CLI Commands.PrerequisitesSometimes you need to export from Sisense large cubes - more than 2GB but you cannot do it by using the Sisense...

vsolodkyi_0-1705532406180.png vsolodkyi_1-1705532406119.png
vsolodkyi by Sisense Team Member
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Restoring missing connector

Restoring missing connector Introduction Sometimes connectors can go missing for some reason, leading to a breakdown in data connectivity. Restoring these connectors is crucial to maintaining a smooth data flow within your Sisense environment. This a...

vsolodkyi_0-1698425692352.png vsolodkyi_1-1698425692154.png
vsolodkyi by Sisense Team Member
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Changing Elasticube Owner

IntroductionThis tutorial describes the steps to modify the owner of an Elasticube, a crucial task for managing your data efficiently. By following these instructions, you'll be able to transition ownership from one user to another seamlessly.Prerequ...

vsolodkyi by Sisense Team Member
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Developing Custom REST Connectors

Sisense lets you import data from multiple sources using built-in connectors or by a customized connector. Sisense custom REST connectors framework enable you to program your own connectors to popular data sources which support REST services, to impo...

intapiuser by Community Team Member
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Export a table from the elasticube to a CSV

* Disclaimer: This works for Windows only. It will work in future with Linux versions as well. Once it does, I will update the post. Sometimes, we need to export a table from the Elasticube to a CSV file. We can then import it to the next build, to s...

intapiuser by Community Team Member
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Flattening JSON Objects In SQL Server

Question: In instances where tables within SQL Server contain JSON objects within a column you can use the import sql query editor feature in Sisense to flatten these objects into individual fields. For example: Can be turned into: Solution: To accom...

intapiuser by Community Team Member
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How to configure Data Groups

Introduction This article will guide you on how to configure the Data Groups’ parameters based on the current performance and business requirements. What are "Data Groups”? The “Data Groups” administrative feature allows configuring Quality-Of-Servic...


Choosing the Right Data Model

This post has become outdated. You can find guidance on choosing a data model on our documentation site here. Introduction Customers often run into the question of which dat...


How To Read Dates Before 1970

Question I have to display a field with dates such as 06/05/1851, 07/07/1891 and things like that. I tried to workaround this by using CreateDate() but the data displayed is 01/01/1970. Do you know how I can display the right date in Sisense? Answer ...

Community_Admin_0-1634394209314.png Community_Admin_1-1634394209431.png

Rolling Trailing 12 Months

Question I'm looking for how to create a chart that shows how my business is performing for the last 12 months at each month-end for a set period. For example, the period ending March '20 would sum up Apr '19 to Mar '20. April '20 would sum up May '1...

Numeric Representation Of Dates And Times

Question I have to do a MAX() in the dashboard. The main thing here is that I have to have the last second entry for that specific field. Answer We suggest you would use a float numeric representation of the date, adding the minutes and seconds AFTER...

Reason For Adding A Custom Table

Question What is the reason of adding a custom tables in the ElastiCube? As I understand all the customizations and calculations should be done in the Dashboard itself, so why do we need to create custom tables? Answer The reason to create the table ...

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