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Demonstrating ComposeSDK Styling Of Sisense Dashboard Widgets

Demonstrating ComposeSDK Styling Of Existing Sisense Dashboard Widgets When developing ComposeSDK embedded applications, there are three principal techniques for embedding or converting an existing Sisense widget. Discussing each method, and some of ...

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Plugin - HideChartTypeByGroup

Plugin - Hide Widget Type in Chart Type Dropdown From User Groups This plugin hides widget types from the widget selection dropdown menu, for user groups set in the config of the plugin. The widget types hidden are set in the config. Widgets of that ...

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Sync Blox Input Element with Current Filter State

Sync Blox Input Element with Current Filter State When creating a Blox widget and altering a filter within a dashboard or widget, it is sometimes advantageous to modify the default behavior, so that upon activating a Blox action, the Blox widget inpu...

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Modifying Email Report URLs

Introduction When embedding Sisense in a parent application, there will be a need to route email reports to your parent application dashboard URL. For example, when a customer will load a dashboard in the embedded application, the dashboard URL might...

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Email Troubleshooting - Sisense 7.2+

This guide will demonstrate a few official first steps for troubleshooting many of the common issues that we see with the emails portion of the Sisense Application. This guide exclusively focuses on Sisense Version 7.2+. Please follow all of the rele...

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Branding/White Labeling with Sisense

What is Branding? Branding or white-labeling is a way to alter the visual part of an application to match your application's visual style. Sisense provides a list of options for rebranding the visual style of GUI, emails, and so on. Sisense provides ...

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Configure Color of Links in Jump To Dashboard

The colors of the links or clickable elements opening the modal dashboard in a widget where Jump To Dashboard is enabled, can be changed with slight modification of the plugin. The two files that can be modified for this functionality are :The color ...

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