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Sisense Licensing issues

Sisense Licensing issues

If you are having issues with your Sisense Environment and need help with the number of users on your license, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your license is current and up to date within your environment.

Possible Issues:

Issue: Your license details were changed, but changes are not reflected in your environment:

For the changes to your license to be applied on your Sisense instance, please follow the instructions below on all the servers that utilize the email address corresponding to the updated license.

For Windows version:

On each of your Sisense servers please do the following:

  1. Within the Windows menu, search for Sisense Activation, then right-click 'Run as Administrator



  1. Take note of the email address your account is set up under (you will need the password when you log back in)
  2. Sign out of your Sisense account
  3. Close Sisense Activation
  4. Stop and Restart the Sisense.Oxygen service by doing the following
    1. Open the Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services
    2.  Locate the Sisense.Oxygen service and right-click and select Stop to stop it



  1. Then, right-click and select Start to start it
  1. Then reopen and log back into Sisense Activation

For Linux version:

  1. Within the Sisense web interface navigate to the Admin tab
  2. Navigate to the License Utilization page from the left panel
  3. Click on "Change License"
  4. Enter the license credentials and press "apply"




If this does not help, try to use the “Behind a Firewall?” option:

  1. Copy the Machine ID
  2. Go to
  3. Press on “Generate Offline Key” and get the key using MID
  4. Copy and paste this key to Sisense to reset the License





Note, whenever we change the license owner's email the password is reset to the default password.


Issue: License not found

To reset the license activation, please see this article and follow the steps to reset.

Issue: "Your license has exceeded its user limit"

When trying to migrate a Sisense environment from one machine to another, the installation might fail, returning the error message "Your license has exceeded its user limit":




As long as the number of active servers does not exceed the license permission, any other running servers should not be affected by them; however, please bear in mind that to prevent license issues, it is recommended to first perform a complete uninstallation on the previous server before installing Sisense on a new server.

The following steps will reset the number of installations performed by a user.

  1. Log in to your account at




3. Once the Activations counter is set to 0, you should be able to install Sisense on a new machine. 

In case of any technical issues with licenses feel free to contact Sisense Support, or create a Support Case. For questions relating to license expiration, email/package owner change, etc. feel free to contact your Account Manager directly instead.

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

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