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Is there any way to get the views to execute sequentially instead of simultaneously? How does the dashboard in Sisense execute the queries?


The Sisense client application does attempt to send out all queries (one per widget) at once, but in reality, they are not executed all at once. This is due to the inherent limitations of browsers and HTTP1.1 protocol - so in reality, there is actually a queue of queries to be sent to the server.

Then, on the ElastiCube server level, there's a configuration for a number of concurrent queries to be processed and a maximum number of threads per query, which can be accessed through the Sisense Server Console application (locally on the machine hosting your ElastiCubes). By default, when Sisense is installed this setting is dynamically configured according to the number of logical CPU cores available, in a ratio that works for most cases and rarely needs to be reconfigured. Please note that before changing this configuration you will need to consult with the Sisense Support team, and the change will cause the ElastiCube server to restart, resulting in a few moments of downtime.


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