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This tutorial describes exporting large cubes with data (*.sdata) - more than 2 GB using the Sisnese CLI Commands.


Sometimes you need to export from Sisense large cubes - more than 2GB but you cannot do it by using the Sisense web interface because of size limitations. In this case, you should use Sisense CLI.


To access the Sisense CLI:

  1. Connect to your Linux host using SSH (in multi-node instances, this can be on the bastion host where Sisense was deployed).
  2. Check that the home directory of the install user contains a file "".

If Sisense was installed using the Provisioner, or you would like to configure Sisense CLI on a non-installation machine, use the following command to generate a CLI file:

kubectl get cm --namespace sisense add-completion -ojsonpath='{.data.*}' >

  1. Run the command: source
  2. Follow the prompts to log in.

Please note:

The user must be a valid Sisense Admin and have local user credentials.

Use the Sisense CLI command to export the needed cube

  1. Before exporting the cube you can check the list of cubes to find the needed by using the following command:

si elasticubes list

  1. Command for exporting the ElastiCube

si elasticubes export -name EC2

This command exports the ElastiCube to /opt/sisense/storage/backups/EC3.sdata.


(Mandatory) name <CubeName>

(Optional) file <FileName>

Use the Web interface to download the cube

  1. Go to Admin tab - Server & Hardware - System Management - File Management - backups folder
  2. Find copied sdata from the server to the Web interface earlier and download it


In wrapping up this tutorial on exporting large cubes (exceeding 2 GB) with Sisnese CLI Commands, you've gained valuable insights into a crucial aspect of data management.

By following the step-by-step guide, you've learned the intricacies of the export process, ensuring that your cubes, regardless of their size, can be seamlessly migrated or shared. 

As you export data, keep exploring Sisnese CLI's features. Adapt your approach to changing needs. This knowledge lets you make the most of Sisnese CLI Commands for large cubes, empowering your data management journey. 

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