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In instances where tables within SQL Server contain JSON objects within a column you can use the import sql query editor feature in Sisense to flatten these objects into individual fields.
For example:
Can be turned into:


To accomplish this, SQL Server has native functions that are capable of parsing json objects and flattening them into individual fields.
The below code uses the JSON_Value extracts a scalar value from a JSON string in which the first parameter takes an expression which is typically the name of a variable or column that contains JSON text. The second parameter takes a JSON path that specifies the property to extract. The default path mode is lax mode, which takes the syntax '$.<keyname>'.
Below is the SQL used to flatten the JSON values in the sample data.
select SalesOrderNumber
, JSON_Value(JSONValue,'$.CustomerID') as CustomerID
, JSON_Value(JSONValue,'$.OrderDate') as OrderDate
, JSON_Value(JSONValue,'$.TotalDue') as TotalDue
, JSON_Value(JSONValue,'$.ShipMethodID') as ShipMethodID
, JSON_Value(JSONValue,'$.TerritoryID') as TerritoryID
, JSON_Value(JSONValue,'$.SalesPersonID') as SalesPersonID 
from OrderHeaderJSON
Other useful functions regarding working with JSON in SQL Server can be found here:
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