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This tutorial describes the steps to modify the owner of an Elasticube, a crucial task for managing your data efficiently. By following these instructions, you'll be able to transition ownership from one user to another seamlessly.


Whether you're reorganizing your team or simply need to delegate responsibilities, the Sisense REST API allows you to do this effortlessly. Below are the steps to achieve this task:

Step 1: Locate the New Owner

1.1 Navigate to the Admin tab of your Sisense platform.

1.2 Under REST API, select API 1.0 and then click on the user.

1.3 Execute a v1 GET /users API request.

In the response, you will find a list of users. Locate the user who will become the new owner of the Elasticube and copy the value from the "_id" field. This value uniquely identifies the user.


"_id": "5aa1cdcbf645311e84994dea"

Step 2: Update Elasticube Ownership

Next, update the Elasticube ownership using the API. For this, execute a v1 POST /elasticubes/{server}/{title}/updateCube API request with the following parameters:

  • server: Set it to "localhost" or your Elasticube server name.
  • title: Enter the title of the Elasticube you wish to update.
  • updateObj: This is where you specify the new owner by providing the "_id" value of the user you copied earlier in the "creator" field.


server: localhost 

title: testCube 

updateObj: { "creator": "ObjectId("5aa1cdcbf645311e84994dea") }

Step 3: Verify the New Owner

To ensure the ownership transfer was successful, check the new owner in the data tab of your Sisense platform.


Congratulations! You've successfully changed the owner of an Elasticube using the Sisense REST API. This powerful capability allows you to manage user access and responsibilities effectively within your data models. If you have any questions or need further assistance, refer to the Sisense REST API documentation for more details.

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