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Resolved! Set Opacity of columns in a column chart

Anyone have a script to do this? I've tried the script below but it does not function for series0 on my widget: widget.on("beforeviewloaded", function(w, args){ args.options.series[0].fillOpacity: 0.5 } ); I've also tried just "opacity" without succe...

Resolved! Customize Pulse notification alerts

Hello! I have Pulse notifications setup for build alerts. The default alert notification only indicates whether a build was success or failure. In an event a scheduled build has failed, is there a way to customize the build alert notifications to inc...

vaibhav_j by 9 - Travel Pro
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Pagination in Blox?

Hi, new to blox and trying to figure out how to create pagination on a list. So I have a container holding a column set with 3 columns and different information in each. Is there an option I am missing that can show lets say 5 of these containers at ...

DL by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Show blank values in pivot table instead of not showing line at all

Hi,In the data model I have main table that is linked to another table using an index.Not all rows exists on the other table.When I try to display in the Pivot table column from the other table it omits from the table the non linked rows.Is there a w...

TomerA by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Please reference the attached excel worksheet. My goal is to show all horizontal categories, even when data = null/0/N/A. Currently, only 3/6 categories appear and I've tried nearly every Sisense KB article I can find related to null/N/A values. THAN...

Snag_1dccd86.png Snag_1e6cb81.png Snag_1e87549.png


Is anyone aware of a script/method other than plugins for excluding a specific widget when exporting to PDF? I want to exclude a Tabber widget when exporting to pdf. Thanks! -Carter

Custom Pivot Table Formatting Script

Does anyone know how to update this widget script to achieve the DESIRED format I have outlined in the screenshot? Essentially, I'm looking to make each subsequent row total a different color, rather than all the same. current state vs. desired state...

Snag_12cd2eae.png Snag_12c9bdf2.png

Resolved! Window function in sisense

Hi, Is there a SQL limitation in Sisense for Window function? I have checked the syntax but it is not working when I am trying to create a new custom column. Please find the attachment for reference

Resolved! Exporting CSV using REST API

Hi,Is there a way to export a table widget data using REST API?I haven't seen this option on the API documentation.

TomerA by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Custom PDF Export Script - Fit to 1 Page

Does anyone have suggestions on how to force all widgets to fit on 1 page when exporting to PDF? Is anyone aware of a custom script that would do this? Here is a screenshot of the dashboard when viewed from the web app Here is a screenshot showing th...

2021-12-15_11-50-31.png 2021-12-15_11-51-39.png 2021-12-15_11-50-31.png

Resolved! Resizing widgets past their size limits

Hello. When using tables with aggregation, I often want to display a single row of data. The widget won't let me reduce the height enough to get rid of all the white space (see below). This is the minimum height of the widget. I would like to be able...

lharrison by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Use of Conditions in BloX

I am attempting to use Conditions in a BloX widget. Unfortunately, the documentation for this feature is not very thorough and doesn't cover my use case. I am building a table. Each row has two columns, a label and a value. For each row in the table,...

CDavidOrr by 9 - Travel Pro
  • 7 replies
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Rolling 30 Calculations: Counts NOT Avg/Sum

Hi all!I found this article: how to do rolling calculations if you have averages or sums.Unfortunately, I need to do a rolling 30 day unique count - I want to know the r...

hlorosc by 9 - Travel Pro
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Displaying metrics in Rows

We have a requirement where user want to see the metric in rows and dimension in columns, Is there a way to achieve this in sisense

datanerd by 8 - Cloud Apps
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