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Resolved! Dashboard-wide Refresh for Live Model

Currently, dashboards built with live models can only be refreshed at a widget-level. This is problematic for two reasons: Stakeholders will not have the confidence that the widgets that they are viewing have been refreshed without going to the indiv...


Editing BloX "protected template"

Hi, I'm working on a prototype in Amex's E1 environment and I cannot save changes to the BloX widget. I get a dialog box stating that changes can't be saved because the template is protected. I was able to save yesterday and I don't recall protecting...

Accessing custom columns/tables from Notebooks

I'm looking for ways to access custom columns/tables that are created within Elastic cube data models, from `Notebook` feature within Sisense. Context: We have a Sisense cloud account We have a Elastic cube (EC) model that is built from Snowflake dat...

prakashp by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Filtering w/ Time Frame on Hours Intervals

The smallest interval for filtering datetime columns that I can find is 1 day. Our datetime values contain data down to the seconds level. Is it possible to filter by Time Frame for an interval that is less than 1 day? 6/12/18 hrs?

bminehart by 9 - Travel Pro
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Changing or Controlling Default Widget Type?

When creating a widget form scratch, I am placed into what we call the "wizard" mode for creating the widget. Since we don't get much value from wizard mode, we will first select an element from the data source, and then click "Advanced Configuration...

bminehart by 9 - Travel Pro
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Tabber Alignnment Issue

I am not able to see the cursor which will actually adjust the alignment between the widgets, the alignment is messing up after applying tabber for those particular sections!Is there any way to solve this?

smadda by 7 - Data Storage
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Hover script to display description

Hi, In a Pivot table, we are displaying the IDs. The business would like to see the description when you hover over those IDs. For ex; I have Risk IDs from 1 to 4. When I hover over 1, it should display High Risk. Can anyone please help? Thank you!

Send claims from Auth0 to Sisense

I am using Auth0 as an SSO to connect to Sisense. However I want to send additional information from Auth0 which will be used to customize the dashboard according to the User. I tried setting additional claims using a post login action from Auth0. I ...

Nihar by 7 - Data Storage
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How do I add a conditional button to a BloX widget?

I'm slowly, through a lot of trial and error and a lot of help from you kind folks here in the Sisense Community, starting to get some kind of a grip on BloX. How to work with Conditional formatting or styling however (without resorting to external j...

Resolved! Number per year where a different date is within a year of the first

I was creating a dashboard for someone, and one of the widgets was a column chart that plotted out the number of people per year of hire. So, x-axis is the year of hire from left-to-right, then each column is the number of people who were hired that ...

Jake_Raz by 9 - Travel Pro
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