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Resolved! How do I sum if or count if using conditional values?

Hi Community, I'm trying to figure out why my pivot table is returning incorrect values, and how to fix it.I need a variety of formulas that apply to each program in my pivot table to collect data about how much money we are contracted to receive, ho...

oliviar_7-1652199331670.png oliviar_8-1652199384350.png oliviar_1-1652198307796.png oliviar_2-1652198431447.png
oliviar by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Dynamic Sparkline Width

Hi, I have 2 questions about formatting sparklines in BloX. 1. Is there a way to make the width of the sparkline dynamic, rather than hard coding it? 2. How can I remove all the white space above my first textblock? I have the margin-top set to zero ...

gwolfe by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Tracking previous months data alongside current month

  Morning! Is there a way that I can track the previous month's exceptions alongside the current month? The left widget is working as intended with the max value listed being the total exceptions of the previous month, and the ~46k is the current exc...

Screenshot 2022-05-09 113835.png
zfesler by 7 - Data Storage
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Change a language by request

Hi, I have a problem with Sisense localizationOur React application has a language switcher that we can use to change the language through the i18n library, but how can I change the localization of the Sisense widgets at the moment of language switch...

vmaik by 7 - Data Storage
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Add Data label to center of donut chart

Hi, Below script will display total value at the center of donut chart. Refer - var titleText = '' var labelColor = '#4287f5' var labelFontSize = '24px' widget.on('processresult...

harikm007 by 13 - Data Warehouse
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Values not appearing in pivot table

Hi all, I am creating a pivot table widget in Sisense and the values are all showing up as 0. I double-checked the widget JAQL and they're all using the same table so that shouldn't be the issue. I also checked the Sisense analytics for the table and...

amelia by 10 - ETL
  • 2 replies
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Run an additional JAQL within your script

In various cases, you'll require additional data from your data model - Data that wasn't part of your original widget's query. The following function allows you to query your data model as part of your javascript code (using your existing security to...


Resolved! Change widget header background color

Trying to change the widget title background color. I am using custom css code for card look. The following widget code allows me to change border radius/color. Trying to use similar "widget-header' to no avail. Any ideas? Thx! $('.widget') .css('bor...

ElementUX by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Starting day of a week Changes

Hi All, I'm trying to change the starting day of the Week in Cube level, Need to calculate Total Hours worked by an employee from Saturday to Friday. If I choose Week range(week 1, week 2, etc..) then my week selection should calculate total hours fr...

Area Chart - Gradient-Fill (Linear/Radial) Area

When creating an area chart you'd sometimes want to use a gradient-fill the area of the chart (linear or radial) Linear-Gradient Fill (Top-to-Bottom) Apply the following widget script: function hexToRgbA(hex,opacity){ var c; if (opacity < 0 || opacit...

Ophir_Buchman_0-1651238999794.png Ophir_Buchman_1-1651239015628.png Ophir_Buchman_2-1651239235721.png Ophir_Buchman_3-1651239698634.png

Resolved! Export a widget to CSV in Sisense.js

Team, I am using Sisense.js to embed Sisense widgets to my applications, just want to understand the ways that how can I give export to csv option . Looking for an eportcsv button kind of solution. Thanks, Nazeer

Nazeer by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Line Chart - Line Conditional Formatting

When creating a line chart, you might want it to color differently for values below the threshold. Add the following script to your widget: widget.on('processresult', function(widget, result) { let dataSeries = result.result.series[0]; let threshold ...

Ophir_Buchman_0-1651215608626.png Ophir_Buchman_1-1651215624773.png 83227784_3726975083979609_8570336295451099136_n[1].jpg

Responsive PieChart

Hello, is there any way how to make piechart looks better on mobile devices?It has 800px width by default and it's shrinking the whole screen.

vmaik by 7 - Data Storage
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Dashboard Custom advanced Filter

I'm attempting to create a custom(advanced script) date filter on a widget. My base table has dates in the future for forecast planning, but I only want the widget to show results from: "2020-01-03" to: "today". (I want getdate() or similar) Is there...

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