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Taking your Dashboard to the Next Level

Introduction The following article discusses how to take a good functional dashboard to the next level. It mentions the relevant Sisense features available to help achieve your next goal. Table of Contents IntroductionTable of ContentsDashboard Compl...

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How to configure Data Groups

Introduction This article will guide you on how to configure the Data Groups’ parameters based on the current performance and business requirements. What are "Data Groups”? The “Data Groups” administrative feature allows configuring Quality-Of-Servic...


Assessing the Quality of Your Dashboard

Introduction The following article discusses how to assess the quality and adoption of your dashboard. Table of Contents IntroductionTable of ContentsHow to Measure a Dashboard's Quality?Planning Makes PerfectAssessing a Dashboard's QualityThe "Pract...

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Dynamic Widget Scripts

Download: GitHub LinkVersion: 1.0.0Introduction:This article explains how to install the plug-in and how to interact with the js and configuration file.Purpose/Benefits:This plug-in will add or change change the current script applied to widgets on a...

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Planning, Executing, and Monitoring your Dashboard

Introduction The following article discusses a dashboard's (high-level) development cycle. It breaks the process into easy measurable steps that start from the initial KPI planning all the way to maintaining and adjusting your end product. Table of C...

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Choosing the Right Data Model

Introduction Customers often run into the question of which data model they should use (an ElastiCube, a Live model, or a Build-to-Destination). The following article presents some of the aspects you should consider when choosing between them. Sisens...


Customizing a Pivot 1.0 Widget

Introduction The following document provides code snippets for customizing a Pivot 1.0 widget Table of Contents IntroductionTable of ContentsHow to Use This Page?Widget CustomizationsLayout #1 - Single Row, Single Value, No ColumnsLayout #2 - Single ...

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Customizing an Indicator Widget

Introduction The following document provides code snippets for customizing an indicator widget. Table of Contents IntroductionTable of ContentsHow to Use This Page?Widget CustomizationsThe “Simple” Numerical WidgetThe “Ticker” Numerical WidgetThe Gau...

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JWT SSO With Cognito

Amazon Cognito provides authentication, authorization, and user management for your web and mobile apps. Your users can sign in directly with a user name and password, or through a third party such as Facebook, Amazon, Google or Apple. The two main c...

Setting Up SSO SAML 2.0 With Keycloak

Keycloak supports applications that support SAML 2.0, such as Sisense. This page describes how to add Sisense to Keycloak and configure SSO-support with SAML 2.0 by creating a Keycloak client and connecting it to Sisense. This article assumes you hav...

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Sankey Diagrams With Plot.Ly In Periscope

Sankey diagrams are a very easy-to-digest way to look at the flow of objects between different points. The example we will walk through here is a basic Sankey overview, leveraging data from a fictional gaming company. The emphasis of this post is foc...


Text Mining With SQL

One of the recent questions I had to answer focused on analyzing text data. How have you solved this problem in the past? I was not sure how to create an optimized solution for both efficiency and completeness. My solution I came up with used a join ...

Generate Series Of Dates In Snowflake

As Snowflake doesn't have a native generate_series function, here is our solution to generating a table of incrementing dates, starting from the current date, in Snowflake. It is currently set to generate 1095 rows (3 years) of dates. select dateadd(...