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I referenced this KB article to create a BLOX dropdown list as a filter. Here is a screenshot of my dashboard: The BLOX code I used to create the dropdown is at the bottom of this post. I want to filter the available drop down options to only show th...

cartercjb_0-1650468280370.png cartercjb_1-1650468638659.png

Bar Chart - Add Percentage to the Value Label

When creating a column chart you might want to add a percentage value next to the actual value Add the following script to your widget: widget.on('processresult', function(widget,result) { result.result.plotOptions.series.dataLabels.formatter = funct...

Ophir_Buchman_0-1650452574643.png Ophir_Buchman_1-1650452595480.png 83227784_3726975083979609_8570336295451099136_n[1].jpg

Resolved! Dynamic Font Size When Using BloX

I am running into a problem with BloX when transitioning from a large monitor to a laptop where text gets cut off. Is there a way I can make font size dynamic? This looks fine on a monitor.. But when I move to a laptop... Thanks,

gwolfe_0-1650320857545.png gwolfe_1-1650320932136.png
gwolfe by 9 - Travel Pro
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Conditional Color gradient in Pivot table

Hi, We are looking for color gradient in Pivot table, but we couldn't find any range option in color formatting and also we tried widget scripts but its not effecting in widget. Is there any alternate solutions? I have attached the screenshot for ref...

SaiKumar by 7 - Data Storage
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Same column as two different dashboard filter conditions.

Hi Team, We have specific requirement where we need to have same column (table.column) for two different filters. we are using dropdown list to show names based on set of IDs(dashboard filter) and when we select a name from the drop list we need filt...

Nazeer by 8 - Cloud Apps
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How to apply javascript to all pages of a table

I have the following script that modifies the values within a couple columns in this table widget and it works just fine. The issue I am having is it only applies to the first page of the table, and as soon as I change the page the changes are no lon...

jfarmer by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 3 replies
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Manipulating action elements in Blox widget

I wanted to hide a action element when it was clicked and action should be triggered .When I closed action the action element should be showed again .This was my scenario .Anything related to this will be helpful .At least I wanted see the action ele...


Percentage Increase on Bar

Hello All, I am replicating bar and column charts in Sisense from Tableau, and cannot find a way to show the percentage increase/decrease from the previous bar. Tableau has a function, where you could show the percentage increase/decrease. Please let...

vibhui by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Arranging Layers of Chart Values Without Disrupting Format

Does anyone have suggestions on how to change the layers in which the values are plotted? I have this chart where the data label shape for RUNNING 14-D AVG. is behind the Column: I tried re-arranging the Values, which does fix the layering problem, b...

cartercjb_0-1649774062662.png cartercjb_1-1649774138388.png

Pie Chart Colors from Database

Hi, does anyone knows how to get color for category from Database? For every category our customers has their own colours, so I would like to display them in my Pie Chart component. Thanks.

vmaik by 7 - Data Storage
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Table sorting

Hi, I stuck with table sortingI did the same as in the documentation (, but nothing works, it shows me that metadata.panels[1] is empty and that's why the sorting doesn't work.Screensh...

vmaik by 7 - Data Storage
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