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Resolved! Linux pivot2 - how to replace null with '-'

In Windows, with pivot1, we were using the following script to replace null values with a dash (-). We've moved to Linux and are aware the script will not work. What script should we use to accomplish the same replacement? Old script: widget.on('read...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Calculate value from same period last month

Hi, I need to solve this scenario: I can calculate the current month sales, from 01/02 to 04/02, but I need to compare the same period last month, this case, 01/12 to 04/12 last year. In order to check how the value it's going. Do you know how to sol...

Resolved! Contribution function returning wrong values

Hi all, as seen in the screenshot, I would like to get percentage values for each cell based on the grand total. However, when I use Contribution(), it returns the percentage relative to the total per column. I would like to get the total based on th...

amelia by 10 - ETL
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Resolved! Elasticube update when querying an elasticube with Python

When querying an elasticube with Python I have noticed that I cannot query a newly created (and built) custom table.Let's say I create a new table in some model that t I want to export with API request, I rebuild the cube and then run the request. Bu...

Laris_Fdz by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Elasticube has no data. Please rebuild the Elasticube

Hello:Has anyone run into the error "Elasticube has no data. Please rebuild the Elasticube" on the Sisense Server Console after attempting to open a dashboard with Pivot table widgets? This is happening on only one of our elasticubes and not every ti...

Using answer to a calculation within another calculation

Im looking to use the answer from one calculation in another calculation on a separate widget with different filter set up. This is my first calculation, it counts how many sales we have prior to drafting for each model and divides by the total numbe...

CLewis_0-1643412425107.png CLewis_1-1643413787436.png
CLewis by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Lines on scatter chart

This seems like a very trivial question, but I couldn't seem to find an answer. If I have a scatter chart, I would also like to show the calculated average of the x- and y-axis spanning across the chart. For example if the average of the points on th...

taek_onvi by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 6 replies
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Choose the latest date available in a dashboard filter

Assume a date dimension. It contains a series of dates. The latest date available as a value is not necessarily today or yesterday as it could be mentioned in the dashboard filters. The need is for the dashboard filter is to select the latest date av...

analytik by 7 - Data Storage
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Issue In Sorting X-axis Labels

Hi Sisense Community.. I am having an issue in arranging the x-axis labels in Heat Map. In this first we have chosen scatter chart and then converted in to heat map using the below code widget.on('beforeviewloaded',function(se,ev){ev.options.chart.ty...

Chandra by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Dashboard expression for 2 events happening in time period

Hello, I've been struggling to get a dashboard expression to work correctly. I have daily data for customer visits to a website. In this data, I have a column called "UserFirstLogin" which has a value of 0 or 1 and indicates whether that day is the f...

mattmca by 9 - Travel Pro
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Ceiling Calculation

Wondering if any knows a way to use the ceiling calculation to round to the nearest 1000? I am trying to recreate this Excel calculation. =CEILING(P4,1000)-100 P4= $379,083.04 answer should be $379,900

CLewis by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 2 replies
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Hello Sisense Community! Any suggestions on how to make the data labels' percent appear underneath the categories, where the values currently are? In instances where a donut slice is too small (Category 24), it is challenging to interpret this when t...

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