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Resolved! How to create Custom Columns: ThisWeek, ThisWeekPrevYear?

Hi,I am trying to create two boolean Custom Columns in my DimDate table to flag data in the current week, and data in the same week, previous year. This type of flag is easy to create for a monthly resolution, but weeks are tricky because they can sp...

EricB10 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Sum does not except 3 parameters

Any help gratefully received, please.I've hit a wall: apparently I cannot use three parameters in a measure on a widget. Anyone know of a work around?[Total total_client_facing_hours]-sum([work_department],[work_title],[Total total_capacity_hours_on_...

Resolved! Deleting a corrupt widget (Solution)

Hi All! I wanted to share a problem our team was having with "corrupt" widgets AND how we solved it. From time to time, after a widget is deleted on our more complicated dashboards, the widget box still appears in the dashboard BUT the OID no longer ...


Can we change color of Pivot1 cell values

Hello, I could not find any solution for changing the color of pivot1 cell value in a particular column based on some threshold value tried with some sample scripts but did not get it can you please help me out in this. Color should be applied only t...

Chandra by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Tabber Formatting

Can we format [Font, Size, Alignment, Border, Text color] of the Tabber headers? Also, can we set default selection for one of the tabber options? Thanks, Rahul

Resolved! Sum for Rolling 30 Day Window

Hi all, I hope you would be able to help with this. I am creating a dashboard with the week dates as rows, and cumulative sales and sales as 2 columns (as shown in the image below). The cumulative sum is for the last 30 days only , so RSUM() would no...

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 2.27.42 PM.png
amelia by 10 - ETL
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Resolved! Clickable URL in pivots - Linux update to make it work

Hi, If you are trying to implement a clickable URL in your pivot tables, and you are trying to follow the following article: Clickable URL Links In Pivot Rows You are going to get a pivot table with all the HTML code () instead of a clickable value. ...

problem in downloading pivot widget in to pdf

Hi Community We have an issue in downloading pivot widget to pdf. In sisense windows environment we have Pivot widgets in these widgets some columns are hidden we made this hide in script but when we download a particular widget to pdf it is showing ...

Chandra by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 3 replies
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Sort Bar chart

Hi, I am trying to sort the bar chart from Low to high and from left to right. The stacked bar need to be sorted as well. Attached the screen shot with Thanks, Sai

Resolved! Jump to Dashboard Default setting

Hi, Is there a way to hide the left panel [Dashboard List] and the right panel [Filter list] when we use jump to a dashboard feature? Basically, can we just have the default view of the drill dashboard without any other panels

Dashboard layout change

Hi, I'm trying to change the layout of a dashboard with two columns so I can have the following structure: - the widgets in the two first rows span across the entire dashboard width; the first row has the title while the second row is being populated...

cw_meg01 by 7 - Data Storage
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Relative gradient coloring per row basis in Pivot table

Hi all, I would like to color the rows of pivot table in a gradient manner, based on the min value and max value of each row. I am able to put conditional formatting for the whole pivot table based on min and max value for the whole table however, I ...

TJ by 7 - Data Storage
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Advanced Date Filter - Allow User to Select Different Dates

I have dashboards that I want to be filtered, by default, to current month + previous 12 months, as shown below. However, I also want end users to have the ability to select a different date range if they want. My issue is that when end users go to e...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
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