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Resolved! Ceiling Calculation

Wondering if any knows a way to use the ceiling calculation to round to the nearest 1000? I am trying to recreate this Excel calculation. =CEILING(P4,1000)-100 P4= $379,083.04 answer should be $379,900

CLewis by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Hello Sisense Community! Any suggestions on how to make the data labels' percent appear underneath the categories, where the values currently are? In instances where a donut slice is too small (Category 24), it is challenging to interpret this when t...


Resolved! BloX Notification When Data Loaded Due To Scroll

I have a BloX widget that builds a simple table of name/value pairs. The data has 16 rows and I have showCarousel set to false so all data is displayed. When the widget is rendered, only the first 10 rows of data are displayed. Using Chrome's develop...

CDavidOrr by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Hi Sisense Community!! Please reference the attached workbook that I drafted in Excel. I am trying to draft a daily view by week, of each employee's time worked. This screenshot shows an example of actual hours worked by day by employee. I am trying ...


Resolved! BloX not showing all items

I have a BloX widget that builds a small table of item/value pairs. I want to show the entire table so I have showCarousel set to false. The table builds fine but only the first 10 items are shown in the widget. (There are 16 total.) This page: https...

CDavidOrr by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Setting the Borders for Individual Widgets in the Dashboard

Hi All, Is there any way to set the borders for particular individual widgets in the Dashboard? I have found the Dashboard script where it will apply the the style settings for all the widgets in it. But would like to know to set the style settings f...

viswanath by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Dynamic Decimal Points

Hello Sisense Community! Is anyone aware of a method to dynamically round data labels so that: Any value >= 1000.00 shows two decimal points (green in the screenshot) Any value < 1000.00 shows 0 decimal points (yellow in the screenshot)


Connect to PI Historian

Can you give me some tips on how to connect an elasticube to a PI Historian server? Is there an add on for PI Historian that I need? We want to combine data from an Oracle database with PI Historian data to show both in a dashboard.


Resolved! How to discard dashboard changes

If I, as the owner, make changes to a previously published dashboard and then decide that I want to discard those changes instead of publishing them and revert my local copy back to my published version, how can I accomplish that?

CDavidOrr by 8 - Cloud Apps
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How to create a table with a range of dates?

Hi,I have a use case were I have this tableI want to plot in a chart in continues dates (i.e. from the minimum date of launch_time to the current date).e.g. 1/1/20 - 1/12/22 and count the number of instances that were alive in a certain date based on...

TomerA by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Does anyone have suggestions on how to do the following: Script the data labels so that they never overlap? I'm not sure if that's possible but I can hope! Add additional formatting around the data labels similar to the screenshot below where each da...

cartercjb_0-1641935078307.png Bar.png Bar.png
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