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Resolved! Hover label value font colors

Is it possible to change the font color for bar chart hover labels? Ideally this would be a global setting, but if I have to run code per widget, ill do what it takes. Thanks!

ElementUX by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Pivot2 export to csv format

On pivot2 table we have locale customization so thousands are separated with space and not with commas, decimal are separated with commas.When I try to export a pivot table to csv, our local setting are not applied so the numbers are downloaded in te...

Laris_Fdz by 8 - Cloud Apps
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BloX pivot with grand totals

I'm using the BloX transposed pivot template below: How can I add a column on the right that shows the grand total of each value?

Vlad by 8 - Cloud Apps
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bringing carousel for images in Blox .

We had requirement that we had four images url in Array we want all the images in one image block all should show in carousel form .Any information related it will be helpful for us. we want script for below outcome

rameshp0233_0-1651050415667.png rameshp0233_1-1651050515222.png

Funnel chart tooltip customization

Hi Team, We are trying to customize the in built sisense Funnel chart tooltip to remove the value and just to display percentage and couldn't able to do this, as funnel chart is not supporting beforedatatooltip event. Could any one help me with this?...

Nazeer by 8 - Cloud Apps
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How to switch off Pivot2 columns?

I am looking for a script to switch off columns in pivot2. This option would be available to users, so I suppose I would link it to a Blox botton.The case is that we use dates in columns and several values. So when half of the month passes the table ...

Laris_Fdz by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 2 replies
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How to update old pivot widget to pivot2 ?

HI, We have been applying custom script to pivot widgets and noticed that it doesn't work for some pivot widgets from older dashboards. It turned out that script only works on pivot2 widgets and not for previous version. We've tried duplicating widge...

Wojtek by 9 - Travel Pro
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Color Heatmap - Filter Conflict

Hello all, I noticed that the Color Heatmap widget ignores filters that are based on the same fields that are used in the widget's configuration. When this occurs, the widget's color is diluted (presumably to show that it has been filtered). For exam...

bobhenry by 7 - Data Storage
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Blox Widget In pdf

Hi,I've got a blox table widget that is narrower than the above line of widgets. It has 15 columns (1 is the name of the category and 14 are values)When I export the dashboard to pdf (actually I send it in email as pdf) the blox table gets cut, showi...

Laris_Fdz_0-1650623521715.png Laris_Fdz_1-1650623830364.png
Laris_Fdz by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! BloX dropdown filter - Show filter values after selection

Hi all, I have an issue that could be easy to solve but I'm not getting the answer. I'm able to implement filters as BloX dropdown list (unique/multi selection), but the issue is that when I choose a value of the list, the filter it's appplied and, t...

Values only in M (Million) Format

Hi Team, we are trying to format my currency value only with M (Million) format. Sisense gives a full number when the value is less than 1 M. Is there any way we can bring the values to 0.01 M. Thanks, Nazeer

Nazeer by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 1 replies
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I referenced this KB article to create a BLOX dropdown list as a filter. Here is a screenshot of my dashboard: The BLOX code I used to create the dropdown is at the bottom of this post. I want to filter the available drop down options to only show th...

cartercjb_0-1650468280370.png cartercjb_1-1650468638659.png
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