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Filter by two values on same widget

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Anyone know how I can filter two values independently? In the chart below the first 4 bars are from my "days in R/I stage formula. The next 4 are related to the Insulation-Prime formula.


Each formula has a filter built in to only look at jobs from the stage they are in. But I also want to be able to filter these by different numbers. 

"Current days in R/I" should only show jobs over 15 days. Where "Current days in insulation/prime" I want to see anything over 10 days. 







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9 - Travel Pro


Not sure If I understand exactly what you are already doing today. But it looks like your need can be met by one of this two way :

1) include a filter in the formulas for the two KPIs, by date, with a period date filter. If you already have a filter in the formula, you can add many ones, by adding commas => ([Total of MyIndicator], [Filter 1], [Filter 2], ...)

2) use "Filtered Measure" add-on from Sisense, that will let you define two different values for the same field, and direct KPI1 to use the first filter and KPI2 use the second filter. Here is the link to the add-on : Add Ons | Marketplace - Sisense

Let me know if you additional info.