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Ability to add Time Frames to filter list

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

It would be great to be able to customize the default list of time frames in the filter options.

For example Prior 12 months

Current month + prior 12 months

It is true that these can be created as custom filters and even starred, but users tend to look at the existing time frames.

Perhaps moving Starred to the Top of the list would be an interim help.


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro


You can't customize the list out of the box and I fully agree with you that using them as custom filters is not a convenient way nore a short way to quickly navigate between common timeframes that are relevant for your specific case. 


WIth that said, here are few solutions that can help you out:

1) Customize a Blox widget

- Check out this post about how to setup a box widget that will hold a dropdown that will be mapped to a filter in your dashboard. 

- Then you'll need to modify JAQLs and options in the given BloX template to the specific timeframes you'de like to use. 

In this approach users would still be able to easily switch to your custom timeframes BUT they would still see a "custom filter" selection in the dashboard + the BloX widget wouldn't know how to detect the current selection when the dashboard loads (you'll need to add some more JS for that to work) 

2) Predefined timeframes in your model

- Depending on your use case, you can generate predefined "timeframes clusters" that would be defined at the build process. Once you have those - your users can use those "timeframe clusters" as a categorical filter. 

- Check out the How To Create Customized "Time Frame" Radio-Button Filter for more in-depth info. 


3) Date Range Filter plugin from the Sisense Marketplace 

- Our Date Range Filter plugin from the marketplace has a built in capability that allows you to easily define a custom dropdown of timeframes and explicit date ranges to allow your users to easily switch between them 

- The plugin is packed with many other useful features around date range selection like the ability to set a timeframe to be a default selection when the dashboard loads or manipulates multiple dates from a single UI element. 

- Feel free to reach out to get access to our demo env' and jump start a free trial for the plugin so you could evaluate it yourself 





Feel free to reach out of you have further questions, we're always happy to help (: 
Paldi Solutions - Sisense's leading Plugins & Customizations partner

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro


Not sure which version of Sisense you are using, but since 2022.8 (Linux) you can enable in the feature management the option "filter editors". This will enable the new filter experience which is way more intuitive (once you know it !) and is way way easier to use when it comes to time frame. Almost all scenarios are now accessible by "click" :


Here is an example for last 5 month, not including current month.

Hope this helps !

Best, David

Hi @david-h 

The new UI for the filters is indeed a great improvement (and generally speaking I'd reccomedn switchign to it as it's much more intuitive)

BUT after you make relative date selections that are "out of the Sisense standard" you would still see the panel's selection as "Custom Filter" which I think is what @DrewGillow  was trying to avoid. 




9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Agree that the new filters are a big improvement, but after selecting the Custom filter it should show you the "Starred Name" you gave it.  That would be a big improvement from the current solution.  

And if you just use the filter tool to select something like "last" + "12" + "months" + "Including Current"  please make a phrase to display that on the collapsed filter widget. For Example "Last 12 Months Including Current"

you do that for things like "Is not year 2023" 

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