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What is Branding?

Branding or white-labeling is a way to alter the visual part of an application to match your application's visual style. Sisense provides a list of options for rebranding the visual style of GUI, emails, and so on.

Sisense provides the following branding options, including:

  • Look and Feel
  • Email strings customization
  • Email logos customization
  • Basic general branding


Look and Feel

Look and feel allows users to quickly and easily change things like font, panel color, text color, etc. 

For more information, read through Sisense's documentation on Customizing the Sisense User Interface.


Email Strings Customization

Sisense has a list of predefined email templates that are used to send reports on dashboards, builds, and so on. In some cases, the text in those emails can be customized. For example, users have the option to replace Sisense with their custom company name.  

Text(strings) used in email templates are translated to multiple languages and are saved locally. With this information, users can then alter the text in translation files to change the text in email reports.

Translation files for emails can be found under the following path:

Linux: /opt/sisense/storage/translations/{Language}/email-templates.js (Or {Server}/app/explore/files/translations/en-US/email-templates.js using Web File Manager)

Windows: C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\translations\{Language}/email-templates.js

In most cases, English is used for emails, therefore, the folder we need will be en-US. This file contains all the strings that are used in email reports in the following format:



{Email type}: {

{token}: '{String}',

{token}: '{String}'




Where token is the variable that should not be removed from the file, new tokens should not be added as well. String is the actual text that will appear in our email, and is therefore the only thing that can be edited.

Here is an example of how to change one of the strings under the test_email type:



Once changes are complete, the Galaxy service/pod should be restarted (Restart Sisense.Galaxy service in Windows):


This will trigger a test email where we will see the changes in the email body text.






Email Logos Customization

Logos used in email reports can be changed by replacing the default logo files with custom ones.

Default images are stored here:

Linux: /opt/sisense/storage/emails/images/

(Or {Server}/app/explore/files/emails/images/ using Web File Manager)

Windows: C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\galaxy-service\src\features\emails\templates\images\

Note, that if a custom location for a template is specified, the default images and templates will be ignored. 

The images are mapped using a name, therefore in order to replace the image, the new file should have an identical name.

Below is an example of how this works. Below, is the same default recovery password email referenced earlier in the article:

Let us replace recover-password.png file with a new one and restart the galaxy pod:

Below is the result:



Basic General Branding

Sisense has a list of branding parameters that can be further adjusted to white label your application. It can be located and changed in 2 ways:

  1. Using REST API:



  2. Using Configuration Manager ({Host}/app/configuration/system in Linux or Localhost:3030 in Windows):



From here, we can change the logos, strings, and toggle some parameters on or off. Saving should prompt relevant services to restart automatically.  

Pay additional importance to the "Emails Templates Directory" parameter as it will allow users to specify a custom path for email templates. Once specified and saved, emails will not use the default folder. Verify that the new path is correct, otherwise, no email will be sent due to no file being found. 

Why would you use a custom email template directory? As in most cases, the default template folder is overwritten during version upgrades, meaning changes will be reverted back to default. Users can avoid this issue by using a Custom Email templates folder since it will remain unchanged during the upgrade process. 

Note that some releases might introduce new logos or emails that will be missing from the custom folder. In this case, Sisense recommends either re-doing the folder content or copying over missing files.

Below are additional resources from the Sisense Knowledge Base:

Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

 I just want to remind you that we also have many out-of-the-box capabilities to white label emails. See

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