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Sisense Team Member

Solutions to commonly found issues when setting up a new Sisense ComposeSDK project during beta

The first two solutions involve issues with installing ComposeSDK dependencies during the beta period while the ComposeSDK dependencies are hosted on GitHub, and GitHub is the preferred method for access. When ComposeSDK exits the beta period, the dependencies will be available on other sources that will not require a custom authentication token.

Problem - Errors when installing Compose SDK dependencies from GitHub

Solution - Make sure a GitHub token is active in your environment configuration, and that your GitHub account is fully active and accessible. If a custom GitHub token is used, ensure the custom token has "Read Repository" permission. Alternatively, you can use a standard full-access GitHub token. Make certain the entire token is included when copied into the terminal.

Problem - SSL errors when downloading ComposeSDK dependencies from GitHub

Solution - When downloading from a VPN network, you may experience this error. You can resolve this by making the following npm config change with this command:

npm config set strict-ssl false

In Yarn, the equivalent command is:

yarn config set "strict-ssl" false -g

Problem - CORS errors in the browser console when connecting to a Sisense server with ComposeSDK

Solution - Add the hosting domain to the Admin > Security Settings page. Also, make sure CORS is enabled. A common issue is a trailing slash at the end of the URL when copied from the URL directly; these must be removed when setting CORS exemptions. Include the first part of a domain (the subdomain, such as as well as the port number if included. Anything in the URL after the first slash is not required and is not part of the domain.

Problem - Sisense authentication errors when connecting to a Sisense server with ComposeSDK

Solution - Do not include "Bearer" at the beginning of the token parameter; this is not required in ComposeSDK and is added automatically by ComposeSDK. When "Bearer" is present explicitly, it will be repeated twice in the header. Make sure the entire token is copied and test the token using a program such as Postman or Curl and any documented Sisense API if you are unsure if the token is valid.

Community Team Member
Community Team Member

I wanted to let everyone here know that there is a ComposeSDK free trial available. You can sign up here:

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