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By using the re-branding API you can replace the default homepage with a specific dashboard.

(For further explanation of the branding functionality please read this article.)

Keep in mind you need to leave only what you change ("string" is just a place holder)  


  • In the Sisense Web Application, click ADMIN at the top right, and then REST API, followed by REST API Reference.
  • Select REST API version 0.9, click /branding and then click the POST operation /branding.


  • Use the POST call and add your server name and dashboard link (See below for example)
    [NOTE: add "/" character before the "#" character to allow the link to work in Firefox and Internet Explorer 11]
    "homePage": "http://SisenseServerName:8081/app/main#/dashboards/57d1270774709bdc3f0000a7?embed=true&r=false"


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