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BloX Write Back Form to a Source Database

BloX Write Back Form to a Source Database Sisense BloX Database Writeback This guide demonstrates setting up a simple BloX widget to enable front-end users to write data back to the database. While this guide specifically uses AWS lambda to execute a...

React Typescript Component for Embedding Sisense Dashboards

To embed dashboards from Sisense into your web application, typically you would use either the IFRAME or EmbedSDK approaches (see for more details).If your application is written in React, then React components to achieve tasks, like this...

steve by Sisense Team Member
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Setting up Docker Registry for Sisense Offline Installation

An offline, or air-gapped, Sisense environment provides higher security than online, connected environments. As the offline environment has no outside communication, the only method to install Sisense in this environment is by using removable media, ...

vsolodkyi by Sisense Team Member
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How to install new kernel or update existing one in Ubuntu

Some OS related issues could be fixed by installing a different Linux Kernel. In this article we will review how to install a new kernel and make it bootable by default.Installing a new kernelDisplay version of currently running Kernel: uname -r Exam...

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Viewing Widget JAQL Queries

Viewing Widget JAQL Queries There are a large number of reasons you may want to view the query(ies) being sent from a dashboard widget, most of which are performance or data quality related. This article explains two methods that can be used independ...

Darwin by Sisense Team Member
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How to configure Data Groups

Introduction This article will guide you on how to configure the Data Groups’ parameters based on the current performance and business requirements. What are "Data Groups”? The “Data Groups” administrative feature allows configuring Quality-Of-Servic...


Benefits of JSON support in Postgres

The promise of Postgres JSON JSON support is the most interesting new Postgres feature of the last few years. It relaxes the primary constraint of SQL databases — the rigid schema structure — by letting you store semi-structured data in your tables a...

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