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Use Case

My users and designers were looking for an easy way to get insights into how certain dashboards and widgets were built in terms of formulas and filters. 


For this, I have written a Python script that takes a list of dashboard IDs and converts them to an Excel with 2 worksheets. The first worksheet shows all widgets, while the second shows all dashboard filters.

Attached you will find a python-script + a CSV (with dashboardIDs).

  1. Replace the dashboardIDs with the IDs of the dashboards that you want to have exported
  2. Open the Python script in your favorite IDE and replace the following:
    1.  base_url --> with your own base url
    2. translation_dict --> i use this to translate English to Dutch. Either empty it or replace it with your own language
    3. Authorization --> Add your bearer token
  3. Run the script

The output will be an Excel file that you can import into an Elasticube and create a dashboard with. 

Ps. In my dashboard I use Paldi's Advanced Filters for easy filtering and Advanced Text Widget for easy-to-style texts.


Copied from this post by @HamzaJ. Thank you Hamzaj!

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