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When building code to automate the process of adding users (or groups), it may be beneficial to add security around those users. Follow the steps below to learn how to add data level security through the REST API: 

Step 1

From your SiSense home page, navigate to the Manage tab and choose the option for REST API.  From here, click on the link to the REST API Reference interface.  

Step 2

From here, choose the 0.9 version and expand the Elasticube section and scroll down to the POST /elasticubes/datasecurity section.  

Step 3

The sample code below shows a valid JSON object to use as part of the REST API request. Starting from the sample code, replace the value for party with a user identifier that already exists in your system. Then paste the code into the REST API interface and click run. You should see a response of 200, which indicates a successful operation.
    "server": "LocalHost",
    "elasticube": "Sample Lead Generation",
    "table": "Lead Generation",
    "column": "Country",
    "datatype": "text",
    "shares": [{
        "party": "5c0f85690ca2f66cc242e266",
        "type": "user"
    "members": [
        "United States", "England"
  • The server name value is case sensitive, so make sure it matches with your system.
  • The sample provided is specific to one of the sample databases that comes with SiSense.  To modify this to a different system, just update necessary fields to include your specifications.
  • The sample provided is an array that consists of a single element.  This could be modified to contain several entries all sent at once.
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