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Sisense Go-Live Checklist

Here is the Google Sheets version of the Checklist. Complete our go-live checklist to ensure you are going into production following all of the Sisense best practices! Ensure A Healthy Production Environment Complete Dev to Prod MigrationSisense asse...

How to Update Sisense Instance After License Changes

The purpose of this article is to provide the step-by-step actions necessary to allow changes to your license to be reflected in your Sisense instance. Use Cases This applies for all customers on Sisense versions prior to version 2021.5. On newer ver...

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 12.39.24 PM.png 8-6change-license-firewall.png Community_Admin_0-1634845196955.png Community_Admin_1-1634845196957.png

Get License Key for Offline activation by an API call

There is an option to get an activation key using an API GET call to the Sisense licensing server rather than needing to log into the Sisense site to obtain this information. Use case: This method helps generating license keys in a batch when you nee...

How do I reset my password?

Question How do I reset my password? Answer If you need to reset the password to access your dashboards, navigate to the URL for your dashboards and click the hyperlink for "Forgot your password? Click here": Then enter your email address and click s...

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Replace the homepage with an embedded dashboard

Introduction: By using the re-branding API you can replace the default homepage with a specific dashboard. (For further explanation of the branding functionality please read this article.) Keep in mind you need to leave only what you change ("string"...


Installation Problem. License server is unavailable

Question: I am trying to download and install Sisense but when I do, it says the license server is unavailable. Answer: If your license is up do date, please take the following steps: Within the Windows menu, search for Sisense Activation, then right...

The Ability To Manage JDBC Connections

Question How to change the connection strings in an easy way? Answer Using the REST API you can update the data connection strings directly. Returns a list of all your connections: GET http://localhost:8081/api/v1/connection Updates a connection: PAT...

Get ElastiCube from Process ID

Question I would like to be able to track memory consumption of my ElastiCubes, but I can't find an easy way to link the process ID of my ElastiCube to the cube name. Answer If you open the Task Manager, go to the Details tab and right-click on one o...


Custom/Starred Filters Not Appearing On Shared Dashboards

Question: I have created a custom starred filter, however, when i go to a different account that is not the admin, this does not appear on the date filter. Answer: Designers should be able to view starred filters when dashboards are republished, but ...

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How to send emails to Gmail groups

Question: I am trying to send scheduled reports to Gmail groups. Is it a possible option if so how can this be achieved? Answer: Email recipients must have a user account in Sisense in order to receive dashboard emails. There are a few possible ways ...

Resizing SVI (System Volume Information)

Question: Sometimes your server might run out of space on because the SVI (System Volume Information) is eating up all memory. The system volume information is used in windows in order to save information related to system restore which is used when ...

Automatic Import Of Your Active Directory Groups And Users

Question: How can I automate the AD import? For those of us who are using active directory, it might be a tedious process to import all of the relevant groups and users from it to Sisense. Answer: We have written a Python script which does that for y...

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