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I am trying to send scheduled reports to Gmail groups. Is it a possible option if so how can this be achieved? 


Email recipients must have a user account in Sisense in order to receive dashboard emails.
There are a few possible ways you could achieve what you're looking for:
Option 1: Set up all users with Sisense Viewer roles and prevent user login by putting your Sisense site behind a firewall that only certain users can access
Option 2: If you are using SSO and have some control of the login process, add some functionality to prevent login of those particular users. These users will still have Sisense Viewer role accounts
Option 3: Create a user with the Google Groups email address. Have the email from that Google Groups address send dashboard emails to all of the other users. This would only really work if you have all admin-type emails turned off (such as "dashboard shared with you", "forgot password", etc)
Option 4: If all users are supposed to receive the same data in the email, create a user account for this purpose then set up an email rule for that inbox to forward to the Google Group.
In 1-3 you would need to think critically about the content of the Sisense emails outside of dashboard emails to prevent confusion. Option 4 would require some set up outside of Sisense.


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