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Populate Last Day of Month or Last Day of Week

Hello!I have a widget in a dashboard that shows the number of subscribers for my app week over week and year over year. My data's grain is daily per subscription plan per platform. For example, if we have 10,000 subscribers, then the data looks like ...

Resolved! Black background when data yields no results.

Hi, I am trying to adjust my script so the black background continues to be black even when "No Results" are shown. Right now, I have a dashboard that has black background with white text, but the charts the don't yield any data at certain times reve...

ascott011 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Dynamic (WTD, prior WTD) based on selected Date Filter

Good Morning Enthusiasts!We have a client requirement to present WTD, MTD, QTD, YTD numbers that would be dynamic depending on the selected/active Date Filter.Example, if current filter is year 2024, they should see the latest:WTD (as of Feb 19) tota...

ajque by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 1 replies
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Add User Group to another Group

Our company uses user groups to contain users based on their employer and the dashboard packages they should have access to. In order to not overcomplicate the administration process of adding and removing users, I'd like to find a way to make member...

jwoodard by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Breakby with multiple Values

Does anyone know how to have a breakby with two values in the Line chart? I found this community Plugin but its password protected help would be greatly appreciat...

Juandres by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 5 replies
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Add a drop-down for sorting

Hi,I want to add a drop down to sort the blox based on what we have selected in that.Eg. i have chosen # Submission that blox should be sorted based on that and user can select any field from the drop down.

amritbhgt by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 3 replies
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Live connection - slow initial load times

I'm wanting to move from building an elasticube to using a live model. I'm noticing that initial load times across all widgets/dashboards are very slow on the first load, even when the query is quite small. Once cached, load times of course are quick...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 3 replies
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Change cell color on Widget (Edit Script)

Is there a way that I can change a cell color based on a 2 different columns? Currently, I am able to update the color of the 'Days Since Last Version' , but also want to update the 'Days Since Last Version' cells if the Current Version is not a Majo...

gds_0-1707483368941.png gds_1-1707483428934.png
gds by 7 - Data Storage
  • 2 replies
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Sort and Filter multiple custom Values (formulas)

I want to create a bar chart. Under Categories would be "Common Term", which is dropdown field that has close to 300 distinct options a user can select. The size of each bar would be the number of Matters that contain each Common Term. The problem is...

Jake_Raz by 9 - Travel Pro
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! pivot table modification

Hi , I have created a pivot table , the way it is created I have used the css script and i have hidden the the row shown in below image The resultant table look like this :my requirement is i have to concat '%'symbol to the columns which i have highl...

harish_0-1707283950550.png harish_1-1707284017949.png harish_2-1707284061238.png harish_3-1707284208478.png
harish by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 3 replies
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Pivot table modifications.

I have pivot table ,i want to hide the row as highlighted , is there any way to that?the way the chart is built is :

harish_0-1707222345190.png harish_1-1707222469517.png
harish by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! Pivot table modifications

I have pivot chart , and i wanted to differentiate the total with double line so i used a script and i uploaded it in the respective widgets edit script option and i am getting the necessary changes .The script follows : //double line widget.on('domr...

harish by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 1 replies
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