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Customize Embedded Dashboard Layout

10 - ETL
10 - ETL

We have some dashboards embedded in our site. We would like to have the ability for the end user to customize their dashboard layout if they choose to do so by dragging and dropping widgets. Is it possible for end users/viewers to have the ability to move a widget within a dashboard but not alter the widget level filtering that can be done by designers or owners of the dashboard?




9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Hey @zach_myt 

This is not possible out of the box with Sisense, although you can consider creating a custom web app which embeds widgets from your dashboards onto a page which allows this behavior.

With that, at QBeeQ, Gold Implementation and Development Partner, we have an extremely powerful plugin which allows viewers to do just this and much much more.

Our Self-Service Dashboard allows viewers to star any widget as a favorite, from any dashboard and any data source, and collect them within a pre-defined widgets repository, or 'catalog' if you will.

From there, they can access their own personal 'Self-Service' section where they can create their own custom dashboards from any combination of these widgets from this repository.

The dashboards include a highly dynamic grid which allows viewers to drag and drop the various widgets, resize them and basically completely control the design of their own custom dashboards. 

The Self-Service dashboard includes a powerful filtering mechanism which controls the filtering from all the various widgets and origin dashboards and will not interfere with your internal widget filters. 

With this plugins you can:
  • Increase viewer independence to run their own ad-hoc analytics
  • Allow viewers to create their own data stories
  • Strengthen your single source of truth by defining global formulas which will be used by all designers and viewers.
  • Embed into any 3rd party application to become an integral part of your analytics suite
  • Leverage a highly dynamic interface with a drag-and-drop builder and resizable grid
  • Reduce the amount of support noise and change requests between data teams
  • Decrease time of delivery and feedback iterations
  • Without the risk of exposing the viewers to the data schema

Check it out in this video:

Please feel free to reach out for a demo and to learn more about how we can supercharge your viewers Sisense experience with our Self-Service Analytics PowerUp


Always here to help,


QBeeQ - Gold Sisense Implementation and Development Partner

11 - Data Pipeline
11 - Data Pipeline


Hi @zach_myt ,

As @Ido_QBeeQ  rightly pointed out, achieving customizable dashboard layouts isn't an out-of-the-box feature in Sisense. However, this can be accomplished with a custom web app designed for widget drag-and-drop functionality.

It seems like you're aiming to empower your clients with a certain level of self-service—allowing them to create their own dashboards while ensuring a controlled view of the data. At Paldi Solutions, we specialize in tailoring custom solutions, and our healthcare clients, such as Gerimedica, leverage our solutions to provide the exact capabilities you're seeking.
You can explore Gerimedica's use case for self-service analytics here.

For your consideration, I highly recommend exploring our Viewers Dashboard to find the solution that best suits your needs.

The functionality is straightforward: viewers are assigned to a single dashboard, and from there, they can craft their own dashboards by selecting widgets from a widget catalog.

Key benefits of this plugin include:
- A highly dynamic grid.
- Export to PowerPoint and PDF.
- Full customization of dashboard styling.
- Integration with input parameters and advanced filters for an enhanced user experience.
- Support for multiple data sources and filters in one dashboard.

Check out this short video showcasing some of the functionalities:

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions, we're always happy to help (: 
Paldi Solutions - Number #1 Sisense Plugins Developer 


10 - ETL
10 - ETL

Thanks for the input guys. I don't think we are ready to purchase anything right now but I will keep you guys in mind if we decide to do this.