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Resolved! export only the visible widgets to PDF using the Tabber plugin

I am building a dashboard using the Tabber plugin. However, during the export process to pdf, all widgets are included, even those hidden by Tabber. Is there a way to address this issue without relying on other plugins? I am specifically looking for ...

Tet by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 5 replies
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Hide Blox Title header based on customer group ID

Hello,I am using Blox Model, as a navigation menu and JTD. On this Menu, I have the following headers1. CashFlow,2. CashOutflow3. Live DashboardEach of the headers above have an ID1.#cashflow,2.#cashoutflow,3.ldashb in that order. I want to hide the ...

Augustine by 7 - Data Storage
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Customizing a filter

I want to edit the current account name filter that is on my dashboard. This filter is pulling data from salesforce account records, and I was wondering if it was possible to limit what accounts are shown as being selectable on the filter itself.

Help with Escaping Underscores in LIKE Clause in Sisense SQL Editor

Hello Sisense Community,I've encountered an issue with using the LIKE clause in the Sisense SQL editor, specifically when trying to escape underscores (_) in my search pattern. I'm attempting to filter project names that start with "E_" from a table ...

leo82 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Bar Chart Label Order

I was wondering if anyone has a solution to re ordering the labels of a bar chart widget to a custom order. It seems the bars are labeled in alphabetical order, and I would like to change the order of them around. Let me know if you have any ideas, t...

Dashboard Dictionary

Hello,My users and designers were looking for an easy way to get insights into how certain dashboards and its widgets were build in terms of formulas and filters. For this I have written a python script that takes a list of dashboard IDs and converts...

HamzaJ by 12 - Data Integration
  • 3 replies
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Filter widgets (show/hide)

I would like to implement a filter on the dashboard that enables users to filter widgets. How can I achieve this using JavaScript without relying on plugins?For example: Filter Name: Widget Filter Filter Values: A, B, C Widgets: A', B', C'When the va...

Tet by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Add a Plus Sign to positive values in a Pivot Table

Hello! I was hoping there was some sort of script I can add to a Pivot Table widget that will make positive numbers for a particular value display a plus sign (+) in front of them. Consider a pivot table with three items in the "Values" section:Total...

Jake_Raz by 9 - Travel Pro
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Include All filter to use values in list

When I use a filter in the dashboard and select all of the options Sisense doesn't include all of the options, it actually removes the "where clause" as the select all. So if I have three options in a filter and have all of them selected the filter b...

Customize Embedded Dashboard Layout

We have some dashboards embedded in our site. We would like to have the ability for the end user to customize their dashboard layout if they choose to do so by dragging and dropping widgets. Is it possible for end users/viewers to have the ability to...

Resolved! In a Pivot Table I need to hide a column when no data present but show column when data is present

We are using Windows version of Sisense.. In one of our pivot tables, we have added an extra column as a 'spillover' for cases when text for said column exceeds the maximum character limit. Say we have 70,000 characters in a column and the limit is 6...

snicholls by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! View Dashboard Pending Changes

Is there a way to view the pending changes for a dashboard? There are some changes pending on a dashboard and it has been quite a while since I have touched the dashboard so I am not sure what those change are. Is there a way to view pending changes ...

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