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PASTWEEK() & PASTYEAR() formulas in widget

Hello, I am having an issue creating a report looking at the week as defined by my dashboard filter versus the previous week as well as the equivalent week in the year before.Basically, I get my 'original' week very easily. We use Last week in the da...


Create A Card View in Blox

Hi, we are working on building a view similar to this in blox. Does anyone know how to create a view similar to this? White card with a different color back ground?

gwolfe by 9 - Travel Pro
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Rename the Pivot Grand Total

Hi Team,I saw a couple of scripts/solutions to rename the Grand Total in the Pivot table however, nothing seems to work maybe due to Linux enironment.Can you help me rename the Grand Total.Also, is there a way, I can use this Grand Total for any othe...

Unable to add new rows once a dashboard is created

I have created a dashboard, but when i try to edit the widget to add new rows into the dashboard, I don't see the + sign near rows button. Is there any settings which needs to be enabled to perform this action. Please share your thoughts.

rzaveri7 by 7 - Data Storage
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custom sort pivot column

Hi Team,I want to custom sort the Pivot Column.See the screenshot attached.In the screenshot, I want to show particular manufacturer as first entry in the column and likewise.Please share the inputs.Thanks


Blox - Textblox margin

Hi,I would need you help regarding Blox. I am a beginner in Blox and would need you help creating some title banners for my dashboardI want to use Blox as i want to adjust the height of these banners. {"style": "","script": "","titleStyle": [{"displa...

radiaa by 7 - Data Storage
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Conditional CASE Indicator Widget

I'm attempting to create an indicator widget that calculates the total number of overdue tickets. It would use two formulas to determine the difference between the total due date day allotment(Ticket must be completed in 30 days as an example) and th...

ushadow91 by 7 - Data Storage
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Combine AND and OR in a filter

Hi We need to perform a filter based on dimension values, according to AND and OR logic like (field starts with 1 OR field starts with 2) AND field does not contain 4 Is there a way to perform it? We tried by JAQL but It does not work. Best

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