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Need advice on a project

Hello,I'm a french student in computer science in my 4th year and i'm in an internship with a company since 2 weeks.My job here is to be a data analyste and i'm struggling on my first project.This project allow to implement an interface for the user ...

glavergne by 7 - Data Storage
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RSUM with multiple dimensions

Hi everyone, I am trying to create a running sum formula in a Pivot table. The formula is RSUM([Total net revenue )]).When I have 1 dimension in the Pivot table (item number), the formula works as expected.However, when I add more fields (item name, ...

laurya by 7 - Data Storage
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YTD calculation by any date selected on a date filter

Hello,I have a basic requirement but I am not sure how to implement it.My dashboard shows sales by a filtered time frame (can be Month, Quarter OR year).To the Total Sales widget (attached below) I would like to add, on the secondary measure, the Yea...

snusseri by 7 - Data Storage
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Conditional Formatting on Pivot Text Values

I am trying to use the script in this post by @intapiuser to conditionally format cells in a pivot table that contain specific text values but I have found that the formatting does not show up outside of the edit window for the widget. When viewing t...

vrice by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Correlation Matrix in Web-Based Sisense Fusion?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to generate a correlation matrix in web-based Sisense Fusion. This is possible in Excel, in Python, etc. but I cannot yet figure it out in Fusion. I'm attaching an example so folks have a visual example of what I'm trying to c...

correlation_matrix_example.png correlation_matrix_example.png

Tabber plug-in execute OnClick event on dashboard load

I have found this post that shows how to select a default tabber option programatically:, this manually displays and hides whatever widget you want and highlight...

Jump to dashboard plugin not working

Hello sisence community,I want to include the jump-to-dashboard feature in my dashboard. I have installed the plugin but the jump to dashboard feature does not appear (see the picture).Anybody who know what to do?

Screenshot 2023-10-12 103258.png
Daan by 7 - Data Storage
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Landing Page for Choosing the dashboards

Hi, I am trying to create a landing page using Blox, where it should allow users to click a button and it shows the list of dashboard under that category. I could not find any resources where this is achieved. It would be great If I can get some lead...

Ullas_0-1696943418968.png Ullas_1-1696943454504.png
Ullas by 7 - Data Storage
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JTD on Pivot with multiple Facts

I am trying to use Jump-To Dashboard plugin for a Pivot table that I have created.My pivot table consists of 3 Rows, 4 Facts and 1 Column (Screenshot Below) : Using the JavaScript for Jump to Dashboard, I encounter a strange behaviour. When all Facts...

MikeGre by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Silent Build Problems

Data model is scheduled to build daily. However, without indicating an error, it fails to do so. Manual build works and updates data as it should. Please review with me.

Unable to download data for one specific card

Hi Team,I am unable to download the results for one specific card even when results are coming. At the same time I am able to download the results for other cards. Just facing the issue for one specific card. Not able to identify what's wrong.

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