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Jump to dashboard - respect drill-downs

I have a PivotTable show $ and Country. It has JTD set up.The user right-clicks on the Country "USA" to drill-down on it into Months. Then they click on "January" to see detailed information about sales in January.At the destination, the Month="Janua...

Tim by 10 - ETL
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Resolved! script scatter map hover show more than top 10

When hovering over a data point in a scatter map, is there a way to view more results than the current max of 10 ("showing first 10 results")? Perhaps there's a script I could use?

danblack by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Horizontal Contribution

Hi Sisense Devs,I'm using a Pivot Table Visual in which Im using employee_name as my rows, phone state as columns (With over 15 categories), phone state duration as values, I converted the values to % using the CONTRIBUTION formula on Sisense, but Im...

Multiple Dropdown filter using BloX

Hi,I'm trying to create a multiple dropdown filters, but can't figure what I'm doing wrong to make the filters work. Any assistance will be much Script{"type": "AdaptiveCard","Version": "1.0","style": "","script": "","title": "","showC...

nkanda_0-1710532281361.png nkanda_1-1710532329392.png
nkanda by 7 - Data Storage
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Sum based on OR condition

Hi.I'm trying do a simple sum based on OR condition of 2 column of a table. For now I just want to display a number (that later I will use for a more complex widget) by summing the elements of the table that satisfies a string condition of a column a...


Resolved! How to resize width of values columns in pivot widget

An existing widget configured as a pivot with rows and values (no columns in config), is not allowing me to resize the width of the columns within the pivot table in the dashboard view. The resize arrows are available - I drag to make the width small...

Amend a Granularity button to filter as well

Good day all,Can someone please assist me with creating a custom action, I have tried everything but I cannot get it to work I have these date granularity buttons, But I need the button to affect the dashboard as well if a selection is made Here are ...

Juandres by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Custom sort for Bar and Column Chart

I have seen several posts of people asking if there is a simple way to apply custom sorts for car and column charts, and until recently, I have been using the community customBarColumnChart Plugin, which is not supported anymore, and also not working...

Resolved! Using Rankdesc to create a custom Column

Hi, I am a sisense newbie. I am trying to create a custom column in the data model to rank latest week and other weeks from latest to oldest. I am using a live model connected to a snowflake database. The data is such that once a week its refreshed a...

Flo_Rod by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Dashboard Filters

I am creating a dashboard , in the filters i have put the time field , and i want to see my table at quarter level , but , the filter is taking quarter1 from jan to march , But i want to customize the quarters as per financial years i.e , q1 = april ...

harish by 8 - Cloud Apps
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First occurrence of a field

Hello. I work with healthcare dashboards. For the data elements that have one-to-many relationships, is there a script for a widget, so that the table within the widget only selects the first field of that data element?For example, there's a data ele...

pcho by 7 - Data Storage
  • 4 replies
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Pivot Table Custom Sort

I have a pivot table that lists member names, as well as sales totals. Can I customize the sorting of the table in some way that has the members with the highest overall sales shown in order? The sales are also broken down by category. The only way I...

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