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How to create a table with a range of dates?

Hi,I have a use case were I have this tableI want to plot in a chart in continues dates (i.e. from the minimum date of launch_time to the current date).e.g. 1/1/20 - 1/12/22 and count the number of instances that were alive in a certain date based on...

TomerA by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Does anyone have suggestions on how to do the following: Script the data labels so that they never overlap? I'm not sure if that's possible but I can hope! Add additional formatting around the data labels similar to the screenshot below where each da...

cartercjb_0-1641935078307.png Bar.png Bar.png

Conditional formula based on value from chart

Hi,I have created a chart that is base on launch day and I want to count the number of IDs per each date in the chart but only if the ID has last_seen date that is >= from the day on the chart.And this the chart with only count unique IDs without the...

TomerA_0-1641904581863.png TomerA_1-1641904693149.png
TomerA by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Relative dates using Blox

Hi all, I came across this article showing how change the date granularity for widgets using Blox: However, in the Blox code it shows fixed entries (basically it forces current we...

ScheurK by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Set Opacity of columns in a column chart

Anyone have a script to do this? I've tried the script below but it does not function for series0 on my widget: widget.on("beforeviewloaded", function(w, args){ args.options.series[0].fillOpacity: 0.5 } ); I've also tried just "opacity" without succe...

Resolved! Customize Pulse notification alerts

Hello! I have Pulse notifications setup for build alerts. The default alert notification only indicates whether a build was success or failure. In an event a scheduled build has failed, is there a way to customize the build alert notifications to inc...

vaibhav_j by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Pagination in Blox?

Hi, new to blox and trying to figure out how to create pagination on a list. So I have a container holding a column set with 3 columns and different information in each. Is there an option I am missing that can show lets say 5 of these containers at ...

DL by 7 - Data Storage
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Please reference the attached excel worksheet. My goal is to show all horizontal categories, even when data = null/0/N/A. Currently, only 3/6 categories appear and I've tried nearly every Sisense KB article I can find related to null/N/A values. THAN...

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Is anyone aware of a script/method other than plugins for excluding a specific widget when exporting to PDF? I want to exclude a Tabber widget when exporting to pdf. Thanks! -Carter

Custom Pivot Table Formatting Script

Does anyone know how to update this widget script to achieve the DESIRED format I have outlined in the screenshot? Essentially, I'm looking to make each subsequent row total a different color, rather than all the same. current state vs. desired state...

Snag_12cd2eae.png Snag_12c9bdf2.png

Resolved! Window function in sisense

Hi, Is there a SQL limitation in Sisense for Window function? I have checked the syntax but it is not working when I am trying to create a new custom column. Please find the attachment for reference

Resolved! Exporting CSV using REST API

Hi,Is there a way to export a table widget data using REST API?I haven't seen this option on the API documentation.

TomerA by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Custom PDF Export Script - Fit to 1 Page

Does anyone have suggestions on how to force all widgets to fit on 1 page when exporting to PDF? Is anyone aware of a custom script that would do this? Here is a screenshot of the dashboard when viewed from the web app Here is a screenshot showing th...

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