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Restoring missing connector

Restoring missing connector Introduction Sometimes connectors can go missing for some reason, leading to a breakdown in data connectivity. Restoring these connectors is crucial to maintaining a smooth data flow within your Sisense environment. This a...

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Changing Elasticube Owner

IntroductionThis tutorial describes the steps to modify the owner of an Elasticube, a crucial task for managing your data efficiently. By following these instructions, you'll be able to transition ownership from one user to another seamlessly.Prerequ...

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Sisense Data Pipeline Best Practices

Sisense Data Pipeline Best Practices Architecturally, It is important to understand the role of Sisense in your use case and where it will fit best in your data architecture from a high-level perspective. Sisense is an excellent visualization tool th...

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Many-to-Many Relationships - Knowing and Avoiding Them

Introduction The following article discussed "Many-to-Many" relationships - Both expected and unexpected. It focuses on how they occur and the best practices which one can implement to avoid them. Table of Contents IntroductionTable of ContentsTable ...

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How to configure Data Groups

Introduction This article will guide you on how to configure the Data Groups’ parameters based on the current performance and business requirements. What are "Data Groups”? The “Data Groups” administrative feature allows configuring Quality-Of-Servic...


Assessing the Quality of Your Dashboard

Introduction The following article discusses how to assess the quality and adoption of your dashboard. Table of Contents IntroductionTable of ContentsHow to Measure a Dashboard's Quality?Planning Makes PerfectAssessing a Dashboard's QualityThe "Pract...

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