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Export from Linux into Windows

We want to develop on Sisense Linux, but continue to support Sisense Windows. Is there a tool/feature to export a cube/dashboard from Linux and then convert it to Windows-Sisense-compatible JSON? I know some features aren't available in Windows, so i...

Tim by 9 - Travel Pro
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Selecting Hierarchies for Drilling

I am setting up hierarchies for the drill hierarchy feature in Sisense. Out of the box, I see that the user can right click and select a field to drill into. It shows every table and column that is available in the Data Model. To limit the options, I...

KHConsult by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Unbuild a cube (remove data but keep cube)

I have unused cubes. I want to remove them to save disk space. But I'll later want them and their dependent dashboards again. And I might want to keep things like schedules, hierarchies, sharing, etc. So, I want to "unbuild" them - delete all the dat...

Tim by 9 - Travel Pro
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Calculate Aggregations Based on Conditions

Hi Sisense Community, I am attempting to create a column chart that shows the count of users that have logged into our product in a given month, and then along side that, show the amount of users that logged in for the first time that month. For exam...

How to localize dashboards and cube definitions

I see how the core Sisense application can handle different languages or handle localization for number and date formats. How do i provide language localization of the schema (table and field labels)? How do I provide language localization of the wid...

Sisense Cloud(Linux) limitations

Hi team! I'm looking for information about Sisense limitations, like the maximum number of ElastiCubes, tables per cube/instance, columns in a table, dashboards, etc. I've been trying to find such information in the documentation but with no luck. Is...

yfadyeyev by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! How to decrypt the encrypted columns

I have a few columns in the database that are encrypted. I checked with my data warehouse team and they said it is something Sisense is doing. Does anyone know how to decrypt these columns?

zach_myt by 9 - Travel Pro
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Discarding Elasticube Changes Pending

Hi, having updated an elasticube model some of the relationships broke and I want to revert the changes back to the last built version; is there a way to do this easily? I can't go into the front end view of the model now, so only have access to the ...

Question regarding multi node build

In the linux server, if we use multi servers, we want to build the cubes in one server and copy to the other serving nodes and attach the cubes. We were doing it by copying the data folder in the Windows environment previously. Now we are upgrading i...

Migrating data out of Sisense

Dear community members - happy new year. Although I have seen this post it doesn't full gives me what I need. Am working on project which is funded therefore our license was paid thru the funder and unfortunately the funds have runout and we want to ...

eudson by 7 - Data Storage
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Issues with Incremental Build on JDBC table

Hi all, CONTEXT ------------------We use GenericJDBC connector with custom queries to fetch data from our mongodb data source on Sisense. Our data model is similar to a star schema with one DIM table and several aggregated fact tables. Till date we h...

suchitsanghvi_0-1673628166004.png suchitsanghvi_1-1673628175008.png

Unwanted Join Path

I'm facing an m2m error on one of my widgets. From the Analyze Widget JAQL view, I can see the issue is that inventory.tenant_id and vendor.tenant_id are not connected directly to The problem is that they are joined directly in the elastic...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Is it safe to delete PrismWeb logs

Hi, I found that "C:\ProgramData\Sisense\PrismWeb\Logs" occupied 5 GB space. This folder is not mentioned in Sisense documentation for clean up. SO is it safe to delete these logs? And please mention if you have any other suggestions on cleaning up C...

prajwal by 7 - Data Storage
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AccumulateBy with Connection change

Hi Team, I have cube with 800M rows and it is currently building incrementally. I got scenario where my DB source upgraded and I should change my connectivity of cube. What should happens if build a schema build? will my build bring only latest data ...

nazeer475 by 7 - Data Storage
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